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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

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Viscose Rugs Are Uncleanable

Before you buy an expensive viscose rug there are certain things you need to know. Viscose weather marketed under the term rayon which is also sold as viscose is one of the weakest fibers out there it's also one of the fibers that are used to create artificial silk or art silk. The problem is the fabric is weak, yellows, it loses color and it gets really ugly really fast.

You can tell the difference between a silk rug and an art silk rug also known as artificial silk by the thickness of the material itself. High-quality silk rugs are not only very thin and flexible but also incredibly detailed due to the number of knot counts per square inch, sort of like thread counts on expensive sheets. A typical art silk rug or viscose is thick the pile is flat looking and there's no shiny sheen of what you see on a true silk rug.  A true silk rug is also very dense.  They are thin but heavy.  

A viscose rayon fiber World yellow with moisture and sunlight this means a simple water spill on the rug will create what looks like a yellow pet urine stain. In addition, it is a weak fiber and it will shed easily mat easily as the nap of the fibers get more and more distorted from walking on it.

The real problem with viscose is that its rayon. It is a fiber made of wood pulp and cellulose waste by-products.  These fibers go through a very nasty chemical process to make them soft and have a sheen. The rayon making process is so toxic that it has been banned in the United States.  Rug makers said "Hello" to India.

So basically, you bought an expensive rug that for all intents and purposes is made of shiny toilet paper.  Of course spills or pet accidents...foot traffic.  Anything short of sealing the paper in plastic is just going to destroy it. 

The other problem is that if you bought a very expensive viscose rug on the advice of your designer or salesperson, you have actually been scammed.  You spent a lot of money on a fuzzy piece of toilet paper to put on your floor.  Unfortunately, viscose holds up about as well as it's paper pulp fuzzy cousin - toilet paper. 

Be careful of the many different names given to viscose to mislead customers, art silk, bamboo silk, banana silk, man-made silk, lyocel, tencil, and faux silk.

Don't believe it? Here is an article by the FTC banning bamboo-rayon clothing from the USA. 

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