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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Sofa Sectional Steam Cleaning

Sectional Cleaning

DFW Steam Cleaning can steam clean your sofa sectionals and freshen them back to their like-new condition. And for the record, Microfiber can be steam cleaned. We won't mention any names but a rather large company in the DFW Metroplex is stating that Microfiber sofas and sectionals must be dry cleaned. This is disinformation, Microfiber was made for water and we have steam cleaned thousands of pieces of microfiber furniture and it cleans up great. Even those water "rings" that are leftover when it dries after you have tried to spot clean your microfiber furniture.

Natural Fiber Sectional Cleaning

Microfiber is not the only fiber we can steam clean. We can clean any material that your sectional is made of whether microfiber, linen, cotton, blended material, or silk. We will do everything we can to safely restore the new look to your sectional. Taking care of your sectionals allows us to deliver the quality services we are prepared to render, most times your pet’s sectional requires thorough cleaning or the sectional where your whole family usually gather to watch movies or catch the exciting moment on a star match. Quite often it is well known that kids and pets spread germs more frequently, our steam cleaning service will not only get your sectionals back to life, but it will seamlessly get rid of germs and give you that sparkling new look.

Enjoy The Trailing Moment In Your Well Cleaned Sectional.

DFW steam cleaning is well known to deliver quality and unique services, saving you quite a few dollars. Our incredible upholstery steam cleaning services guarantee you a hundred percent (100%) reward on every bit of cents you spent on our services. By having us, steam clean your sectionals with a professional touch, your sectionals made of microfiber or linen or cotton or blended material or silk will have a longer life expectancy.  Because we do not work as other regular steam cleaning companies, we are highly equipped with modern-day technology-driven, state-of-art steam cleaning machines, that will lift dirt and germs with ease, and carefully remove soil and erase stains and leave your sectional undistorted and shining like a brand new. DFW steam Cleaning professionals promise to deliver the best results given your fabric and stains, with our safe cleaning measures, non-toxic solutions, that will steam clean, protect, and save the upholstery of your sectionals. Be it your office or at home, the upholstery of your sectionals is in safe hands with us.

Our Best Approach, Ensuring Your Satisfaction

  • We first send our technicians to inspect all your sectionals. They are expected to identify the type of material your sectional is made of, the color of the sectional, and the age of the sectional.
  • While they are at it, they will spot treat some area of special concern on your sectional.
  • When they are through with spot treating, the real cleaning starts, deploying our steam cleaning machines, injecting warm water and our non-toxic cleaning solutions into the sectional to get rid of dirt, and taking out water to give the fresh look.
  • Finally, you are called in to have a first-hand inspection, as we ensure you are satisfied.  


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