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Furniture Cleaning Near Me

Is your furniture not as bright as it used to be, your favorite chair feeling a bit grimy? Got that scalp oil spot in the middle of the headrest or headboard? It’s time to have our professional furniture cleaning service, clean your upholstery! Over time dirt and oils embed themselves in the upholstery of your furniture, dulling the appearance, causing funky smells, and leaving a slimy residue.
Our technicians can clean your furniture, bringing back that bright appearance, and leaving it feeling and smelling clean.
It's weekend and you just had some friends over for a get-together, or you're about to watch some Netflix movies with your loved one with some popcorn and a bottle of red wine. After a while, you mistakenly messed up your sofa with some spill of the wine and whatever dessert you were holding. Well, the truth you don’t need to worry about cleaning it, as our services are available to bring that sofa back to life.

To extend the life of your furniture, it is recommended that you have your upholstery professionally cleaned at least once a year. This will keep your furniture looking new and feeling and smelling fresh. This can help improve the air quality in your home as well. And since we are located near you in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we can have a technician out to clean your furniture quickly. Call today to schedule an appointment. We clean most types of furniture in residential houses, commercial offices, as well as apartments in high-rises. In addition to cleaning your furniture, your furniture can be fabric protected after cleaning to extend the wear and the fabric viability of your furniture. Properly maintained furniture can last a very long time, and cleaning is part of properly maintaining. Your furniture gets sat on slept on spilled on kids, dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils everything at some point gets on that furniture.

Homeowner Furniture Cleaning tips

How to spot clean your furniture with an emphasis on sofa

1. Tend to the stains: Once the incident has occurred you then have to get cleaning immediately, as you do not want the stain to settle in and making it difficult to clearly wipe off.
2. Check for manufacturer’s instructions: It is important that you check the manufacturer’s recommendations before using any detergent or solutions of your choice. Also, except you don’t want to damage the upholstery, it is advisable to use safe cleaning products.  Never use Oxy Clean or any other cleaner that has "Optical Brighteners" in them.  That's a code word for Bleach
3. Adhere to the cleaning codes of your fabric sofa: If you properly check your sofa tags, you would see some letters inscribed on it. Those are actually furniture cleaning codes and those codes have some meaning attached to it.
4. Use a clean dry brush to remove loose particles: By using a dry brush, you could simply remove particles around the sofa.
5. Vacuum: The use of a vacuum here is to basically remove some crumbs and stains so as to give a full focus on those stubborn stains when it's time to clean
These are some few initiatives you could apply to the stained furniture before contacting us or between cleanings.

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