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Wool Carpet Cleaning - DFW Metroplex

When it comes to interior design and décor, investing in the best carpeting design is one way to bring out the spark in your home or office.   Carpeting designs come in diverse shades and materials, but when it comes to selecting a carpeting design that is vibrant, durable, eco-friendly, colorful, gorgeous, anti-bacterial, and befitting for every type of home and office interior, wool carpets and rugs are your best bet.
Aside from its appealing look, wool contains soft fibers that offer warmth, convenience, and comfort to the inhabitants of the house.   Even though wool carpets and rugs are durable and long-lasting, it is essential to understand that wool carpets and rugs need to be cleaned and maintained to keep them beautiful and in top form.

How to Maintain and Clean Your Wool Carpet

1. Remove stains immediately

Spills and stains are normal things that occur in homes and offices, and your wool carpets/rugs are not immune to spills and stains either despite their stain repelling properties that are courtesy of its lanolin makeup.   Hence, when there is a spill on your wool carpet and rug, endeavor to clean up any spill or stain immediately. Leaving the stains for too long will result in spots that might take longer to get off.   While you are at it, make sure you don’t rub in the spill when you are cleaning up. Just place a toilet paper, towels, or napkin on the spot and mop up the stain.  Should you need to clean with a cleaning agent, non-alkaline detergents, mineral turpentine, vinegar, and baking soda are good examples of cleaning agents that are suitable for your wool rug and carpet.

2. Beat Wool Carpet with a Carpet Beater

Wool fibers are beautiful and amazing, no doubt; but another attribute that wool fibers have is that they have grooves that entrap dirt and dust.   So, to maintain and clean dirt and dust that gets trap in your wool rug/carpet, you can bring out the rug/carpet and hang it over a railing, and beat it with a broom to get rid of the dust.  It's old school, but it can be more effective than vacuuming.  

3. Vacuuming Wool Carpet

Vacuuming is another way to remove dust and dirt from your wool rugs. To ensure that you conduct an effective vacuuming process, vacuum your wool rug at least once a week and run the vacuum cleaner over the rug at least 4 times, to get rid of accumulated dirt.

4. Professional cleaning

Another way to clean your wool rug and carpet which is probably the best way is to seek the services of a professional cleaner.  Hiring the services of a professional cleaner such as DFW Steam Cleaning will go a long way in helping you give your wool rug/carpet the proper care and maintenance that they deserve.   There are indeed a lot of cleaning services around, but why DFW Steam Cleaning is a top-notch brand is because we care for our clients’ rugs/carpets just like we do ours.   Aside from that, we have the right cleaning agents, experience, and tools required to give your wool rugs and carpets the desired cleaning and maintenance!

Professional Immersion Wool Rug Cleaning

We offer Immersion Cleaning for wool rugs.  While we can clean wool carpets and rugs at the client site, we can also pick up wool area rugs and take them to the plant for immersion washing, which is the most effective at cleaning stains and odors out of wool rugs.  

Try us today and you’d never regret that you did!!

Wall to wall wool carpet cleaning, as well as wool area rugs, require special attention. You cannot get the wool too wet because natural fibers have a tendency to "Brown Out" when they are overly wet or it takes too long to dry or if the wrong pH detergents are used.  For wool carpet cleaning, we cannot use the same detergents on wool as we do on synthetic carpet fibers. Wool is a natural fiber and pH alkaline detergents will actually damage the wool carpet.  In addition, the fringe is usually cotton, and care must be taken to avoid the fringe turning brown as well.

DFW Steam Cleaning will use the proper pH treatments on your wool rugs protecting your investment.

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