How Does DFW Steam Cleaning Count An Area?

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Area Definition

What DFW Steam Cleaning considers an area

When you're trying to figure out your areas, it can be a little confusing as it seems every company is different. Some companies have really low prices only to consider an "L" shaped hallway two areas to try to increase the ticket value.

We created this guide and by no means covered every conceivable home layout, but it will help you try to determine how many areas you have, and if you have questions, give us a call. We are very fair and do not nickel and dime you with area counting just to pad the ticket.

Usually, areas and rooms are terms used interchangeably. However, stairs are technically not a room but are an area. It's the same with hallways and landings.

What is a Cleanable Area?

To start, an area is a singularly defined space of a room-type area. A general rule is when you bought your home, how was it marketed? One master bedroom, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, dining room family room?

Stairs are considered an area. Standard closets that are not walk-in closets and are one hanger deep, we consider part of the room area. Walk-in closets are usually considered an area. It depends on how large the closet is and how much "Cleanable" carpet, there is. Usually, walk-in closets are pretty packed, so even some walk-ins are not charged as a separate area if all we are doing is that strip down the middle. Very large landings at the tops of stairs are considered an area. Small bathrooms (10 square feet) or short hallways (2-3 feet long), we usually will take 2 or 3 of those smaller areas and combine them into one single area. Some bathrooms are just 10 square feet, and we don't think it's fair to charge full price. Our technicians can make these determinations in the field while they are performing their walkthrough, so please be sure to ask them if you have any questions. Small hallway closets where there are just a couple of square feet of carpet, those are no charges no matter how many there are. Again, this should serve as a general guide and will take care of most of the questions that you might have.

What areas are considered 2 areas?

Living/dining area combinations are considered two areas with the exception that we have seen some that are extremely small, both combine less than 100 square feet.

Areas that are over 250 square feet are considered two areas.

Wishbone staircase configurations are considered two areas.

Hallways that are longer than 30 feet are usually considered 2 areas.

Staircases, where the width is greater than 5 feet, are considered 2 areas.

Some homes have very large landing areas that meld into a very large media room. Depending on the size of the landing area

If your single room size limit is 250 square feet, if I have 2 bedrooms and each is 110 square feet, is that one room or two?

That is considered 2 areas as it's two areas each with its own defined space.

Does the square foot limitation apply to Area Rugs?

No. Area Rugs are not considered an area. Example: you would like an 8X10 area rug cleaned, is it a characterized area under your definition? It is not, all rugs that are not wall-to-wall are priced per square foot. However, we also understand that price can exceed the purchase price of the rug. Typically, and at our discretion, we will clean a small area rug that is not oriental and not charge by the square foot.

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