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Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Vinyl Composite Tile Strip and Wax

DFW VCT Stripping, Waxing, and Polishing

If you are in the DFW Metroplex and Need your VCT floors stripped, waxed and polished, you're at the right place.

VCT (vinyl composite tile) is a wonderfully durable floor; however, it must be maintained and periodically stripped, waxed, and polished. Once the foot traffic starts to scratch the surface of your vinyl floor, dirt gets embedded into the wax coating and starts to dull the look of the floor. If you're a business in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex that has VCT (vinyl composite floor) and you are looking for a great company to strip, wax, and polish your floors, fill out a form and we can come by and give you an estimate.
Your VC Tiles are always supposed to be clean always. Not only should it have a neat appearance, but it should also be kept clean and dry because most work-related injuries occur as a result of falls, trips, and slips.
Most vinyl composite tiles are used mainly in offices. Having a clean and dry floor would instill a sense of pride in you and your employees, as no one wants to work in a scratched up or dirty environment. It also makes clients or customers be very comfortable in your environment. With our DFW STEAM CLEANING VINYL COMPOSITE TILE CLEANING, we provide professional help in cleaning your vinyl composite tiles. We use the best professionals and equipment to make sure that your floors are clean and polished always.
If you are in Dallas Fort DFW Metroplex, contact us to get your vinyl composite tiles waxed, stripped, and polished.

What you should know about Vinyl Composite Tiles

Vinyl Composite Tile is a durable floor that has to be maintained regularly; that is, it has to be waxed, stripped, and polished to retain its shine. Once the surface of the vinyl composite tiles gets scratched by your feet, dirt will get entrenched into the surface of the tiles coated with wax, and once this happens, it starts to look dull.
It is suitable for high-traffic areas because of its ease of maintenance, durability, and low cost.

Why you should trust us at DFW steam cleaning vinyl composite tile cleaning

We are reliable, and trusted tile cleaning professionals. We offer the best stripping and waxing services to provide clean and sparkling vinyl composite tiles for your homes and offices.
If you have a business in Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex, which has vinyl composite tiles, has its floor finishing; we got you covered. DFW Steam Cleaning is a great company that will help to strip your vinyl composite tiles, wax your VCT, and polish your VCT floors. All you have to do is to fill out a form, and we will give you an estimate.

We are very committed to what we do, and we utilize the best equipment to stip. Wax and polish your vinyl composite tiles so you do not have to worry about getting it done all by yourself. Our DFW steam cleaning services ensure that your tiles are left looking shiny always to give it the intended professional look it deserves.

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