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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Vinyl Composite Tile Cleaning

Dallas VCT Strip & Wax

If you are in the Dallas Fort Worth DFW Metroplex and need your Vinyl Composite Floors (VCT) floors stripped, waxed, and polished, you're at the right place.
VCT (vinyl composite tile) is a wonderfully durable floor; however, it must be maintained and periodically stripped, waxed, and polished. Once the foot traffic starts to scratch the surface of your vinyl floor acrylic wax coating, dirt gets embedded into the wax coating and starts to dull the look of the floor.
Vinyl floors are peculiar in busy places like malls, supermarkets, cinemas; as such these areas have a high level of foot traffic. The funny thing is you might think the floors do not bother you when you go to the mall but at least three times, you will have looked at the floor before leaving. Vinyl floors have a way of attracting and sustaining the interest of customers and prospective buyers. There is just the feel of a successful business when there is a vinyl floor underneath people's feet. Consequently, for your business to thrive, you need to make the ambiance as fascinating as it can be for people to be drawn to what you are selling.
Fair enough, it is good to mop the floors every morning and regular intervals during the course of the business day but this might still not suffice. You obviously want that shiny effect that screams "come into my store". For Vinyl floors to look inviting to prospective customers, you need a professional cleaning service. DFW steam cleaning service will take care of restoring your vinyl floors no matter the damage or blemish. We have a formidable team tasked with removing all forms of dirt by stripping the floors to make it bare. We will also wax your floors thereby giving it a unique glow. Polishing your floors is one of our specialties as well, our cleaning solutions make your floors shine, smell great, and free from any form of dirt.
Surprisingly, our solutions are eco-friendly and safe for everyone. We understand that you will have loads of people in your store, so we focus on cleaning solutions that will not be harmful to humans but to pollutants trapped in your floors. In addition to these features, we guarantee that you do not need to break the bank to call us. Imagine the cost of redoing the floors because you do not just understand why they look bad. Now picture not having to spend such so much money and calling us to help fix the problem. We assure you of a long-lasting solution that your customers will love. If they are happy, you are too.
If you are a business in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex that has VCT (vinyl composite floor) and you are looking for a great company to strip, wax, and polish your floors, fill out a form and we can come by and give you an estimate.


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