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Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Furniture & Upholstery Steam Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Frisco, TX

When the company executives need their yachts upholstery or carpets cleaned DFW Steam Cleaning is the only name they trust. We provide a plethora of upholstery cleaning services in Frisco and surrounding areas. Among the many types of upholstery cleaning services we offer are, Microfiber, Linen, Cotton, Wool, Mohair, and all types of upholstery cleaning from linens to silks. 

We use VLM or Very Low Moisture to clean upholstery

Upholstery should not be over wet, nor over-cleaned.  We use Very Low Moisture when we clean upholstery that offers steam cleaning power, but with low moisture that does not saturate the fibers ensuring a quick dry time and also no batting or feathers getting wet. 

Upholstery Protection (Scotchgard)

Protect your investment with the spray-on fabric protector.  No, we don't use the same stuff you get at home depot that's watered down and doesn't work very well.  Trust the professionals to Scotchgard your brand new or newly cleaned upholstery. With well-trained cleaning specialists on board to take care of all upholstery cleaning, your upholstery is bound to experience a different long-lasting touch. Plus, you won't have to worry about changing the upholstery for a long time when DFW is done serving the unbeatable treatment to your upholstery.

Upholstery appearance

The way your upholstery appears matters a lot. Comparing a professionally cleaned upholstery to a surface cleaning will definitely be different. Why is that? The look will show that something vital has been done on the upholstery. A good cleaning company that knows just how to bring out the best appearance of your upholstery is DFW Steam Cleaning. If you don't want to settle for a compromised look for your upholstery, choose DFW steam cleaning and let your upholstery appearance tell it all.

Upholstery quality

The different materials used in the making of upholstery have unique demands that would guarantee maintenance in its quality. Most materials that are fiber-like are quick to take in the dirt that is not easy to remove with regular daily maintenance. This dirt is the cause of many dangers that are peculiar to sensitive parts of the body especially the eye. If the specks of dirt are left unattended, they would deter the comfort the upholstery is meant to provide. With a professional touch from DFW steam cleaning, these specks of dirt will become a tale as they are all carefully extracted using sophisticated devices that are upholstery friendly but dirt repealing.

Upholstery freshness

The freshness of your upholstery should not be negotiable as it gives the overall room the ambiance that is clean and also impresses your friends and guests. What you need for that upholstery might not be air freshener but deep cleaning to help eradicate the smell that is oozing out from the upholstery. Since keeping an eye on what is placed on the upholstery and the spillage that is bound to occur is almost impossible, why not let the furniture undergo a thorough rebranding. After DFW steam cleaning has worked on that upholstery, the only scent to expect is a fresh cool one that is not harsh but eco-friendly to everyone. This fresh scent will do well to help you relax and also think properly since the environment is  for that

All these are more will be enjoyed by your upholstery when professionally attended to by DFW steam cleaning. What else are you waiting for? A call today will change the look, feel, and general well being of your upholstery.

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