Travertine Stone Tile Cleaning and Sealing

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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Travertine Tile Cleaning & Sealing

We Clean Travertine Floors

Travertine Stone Cleaning

We Clean Travertine Floors

Travertine is a form of limestone, the appearance of travertine tiles comes in white, tan, and cream color variations. The most popular is a tumbled tile which gives the tile rough uneven edges for an ancient look.  YOu love the floor, but those tiny pores.  Ugh.  If only there was a way to keep dirty mop water from getting into the tiny pores on the travertine.  
Well, only professional cleaning can remove the embedded dirt and dirty mop water residue from the grout lines and the pores.  Travertine is a calcified stone and as such, pH cleaners must be neutral.  You cannot use acidic cleaners or you will etch the stone. We are experienced and only use the best, so we will not damage your stone or turn it an ugly color like cheap companies will often do.   

Cleaning Travertine Tiles

If you need a long-lasting tile floor with an old or ancient look then Travertine floors are a very good choice. Just as any floor Travertine needs to be periodically cleaned and re-sealed so that it looks good it's whole life and repels stains so they don't penetrate into the stone and cause permanent damage. 

DFW Steam Cleaning Cleans Travertine Floors
Travertine Cleaning Process:

  • We start by inspecting the floor for any flaws, cracked grout, cracked or loose filler, and notify you of any issues that may be exacerbated by cleaning.
  • We then pre-treat and area of the floor with a travertine safe detergent so that detergent can safely start to emulsify any dirt and dirty mop water residue from the floor surface.
  • Next, we start to steam clean the travertine, using the appropriate water pressure to use pressurized steam to "knock" the dirt off of the grout and from inside those tiny pores.
  • As we steam clean, the dirty water is sucked out to the truck, leaving your floor mostly dry, but definitely clean. 

Travertine Sealing

Travertine tiles add some form of unique class and elegance which shatters the boundary of time, the unusual sophistication makes it sometimes impossible to resist. Travertine sealing involves delicate methods of application that will be appropriate for professionals to handle. If the sealing process is not properly done, the tiles might suffer fading and corrosion which could be caused by sub-standard sealer and or improper application.
DFW Steam Cleaning will help maximize the lifespan of your travertine tiles through our top-notch sealing solutions and methods.
Firstly, we remove any soil or coating through our non-acidic solution. Sometimes the tiles could come with a coating on the surface that never should have been applied to the travertine stone surface. This process is done delicately as travertine is highly susceptible to acidic content.
Secondly, we clean the travertine surface to remove any form of dirt or large dust particles. No one wants to seal dirt with tiles - a very bad combination. Our neutral pH travertine detergent is used to clean the surface to further eliminate any appearance of dirt to make the sealing process effective.
If sealing is an option after your travertine has been cleaned, DFW Steam Cleaning will dry the travertine surface area that we have cleaned and then apply an impregnating sealer. A high quality impregnating sealer will not change the look or feel of the travertine.  Nor will it change the color of the tiles like a low-quality sealer can do.  We urge clients to refrain from massive foot traffic on the tiles while the sealer "Cures".  We also advise not to spill any liquid on the travertine floor during the cure period, which is about 48 hours.  If children are present, it's sometimes necessary to barricade the area or put a sign to warn people not to step on the travertine floors.
After the travertine is dry enough, we can immediately apply our sealer which our trained professionals do in a fanciful but yet thorough manner. We spread the sealer over the tiles in a systematic manner after which our crew waits for some minutes to check the absorption rate before applying a second coat to the mix.  The travertine stone gets to drink as much sealer as it can for 15 minutes, so our crew has to keep feeding the travertine sealer so that the travertine stones can ingest the sealer deep into its molecular structure fo fill in the gaps so when you spill something on the surface or drop a meatball, that liquid stays on the surface. 
Finally, when the sealer is absorbed into the travertine molecular matrix and it has absorbed all it can, we dry off the excess sealer.  It is important that the sealing process isn't rushed because no one wants to keep on repeating this. 
Contact us today, let us revive that evergreen travertine elegance that truly resonates with you.

Homeowner Travertine Cleaning

Step#1: Regular sweeping preferably with a micro-fiber mop would be required for regular routine daily cleaning.

Step #2: Mop with a damp mop and mild neutral ph soap and water and rinse with clean water.

Step#3: We advise using steam cleaning for deep cleaning as chemicals can stain and alter the color of this porous tile flooring.

Do not use any heavy soaps or acidic products.  Do not use any wax or polish. Definitely do not use any Vinegar.  Remember the old vinegar and baking soda volcano from grade school?  Yep, the travertine is the baking soda.  


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