Travertine Tile Cleaning and Other Travertine Surfaces

Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Travertine Tile Cleaning

We Clean Travertine Floors

Travertine is a form of limestone, the appearance of travertine tiles comes in white, tan, and cream color variations. The most popular is a tumbled tile which give the tile rough uneven edges for a ancient look.

Cleaning Travertine Tiles

If you need a long lasting tile floor with an old or ancient look then Travertine floors are a very good choice. Just as any floor Travertine needs to be cleaned and sealed so that it looks good it's whole life.

DFW Steam Cleaning Cleans Travertine Floors

Travertine Cleaning Process:

Step#1: Regular sweeping preferably with a micro-fiber mop would be required for regular routine daily cleaning.

Step #2: Mop with a damp mop and mild neutral ph soap and water and rinse with clean water.

Step#3: We advise using steam cleaning for deep cleaning as chemicals can stain and alter the color of this porous tile flooring.

Travertine Sealing

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