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Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Let us strip and wax that VCT to get it to sparkle again!!

Strip and Wax VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile) Floors – Dallas | Fort Worth

The trauma that commercial floors endure is unquantifiable. If inanimate objects could talk then mostly likely commercial floors would be screaming everywhere right now. Thankfully, they don't. In essence, commercial floors have a lot of traffic every or every day of the week for the whole of the year. The floors would need therapy after that kind of beating. As such, the floors begin to dwindle in beauty and shine. You then wonder why the nearby mall doesn't have that sparkly floors again. Probably the floors are crying out secretly.

There is nothing that doesn't become old or used after some time if not properly maintained. From appliances to cars, we humans become old after some time. Hence, no floor can continue to shine if it is not taken care of. It is not only traffic commercial floors that have to suffer but stains, dirt, scratches, and other blemishes plague them.

Consequently, regular mopping and cleaning might not be able to restore the shine of these commercial floors hence the need for something better. DFW steam cleaning services help to strip and wax your commercial floors to give it that refined and polished look.

DFW Steam Cleaning's Strip and Wax Services in Dallas, TX

VCT Full Strip and Wax

A full strip and wax comprise of applying a wax stripper and then going over the floor with a buffer or floor machine to scrub the wax from the floor.  The wax is liquified with the stripper and in our case, we use truck-mounted equipment to rinse and extract the liquified wax out to the truck.  Important to note that janitorial firms do not have this capability.  They do not buy thirty-thousand dollar truck mounts to stram rinse the floors when they stip them.  They typically use mops or shop vacs, which is ineffective. Over time the waxed floor gets scuffs, stains, spills and just dirt from foot traffic deposited on the floor and get pushed into the wax, so to clean the floors, the wax gets stripped off down to bare tiles and along with the wax, all of the dirt and soil that was trapped in the wax goes with it.  Then a fresh coat of clear wax is applied, to your specifications, and voila, the floor looks like new again.  

Clean and wax on new VCT Installation

New VCT floor installation required the factory finished floor tiles don't need to be stripped per see, but they do need to be abraded with a floor machine so that wax will adhere to the floor.  In addition installers, lots of times leave glue on the tile and they don't do a good job cleaning this up.  The installation glue comes up with the VCT cleaning/abrading process.   Once the floor has been cleaned, we can apply the wax, typically 3 coats on brand new installations. 

VCT Top Scrub and Recoat

Top scrub and recoat is a maintenance procedure done between full strip and wax.  Top scrub and recoat is a partial stripping of the top layer of wax and a good cleaning, then a fresh coat of wax applied.  We don't strip all the way down to the bare tiles as we do on a full strip and wax.  

If you are looking to restore the aesthetic ambiance of your commercial building, you might as well start by hiring a professional strip and wax service.

DFW Steam Cleaning floor stripping and waxing services help to prevent dirt and debris from sinking into the floor and permanently damaging the VCT tile finish, thereby creating an unappealing appearance. Stripping and waxing will help protect the tiles from further damage so we offer you a better and more affordable alternative than changing the entire floor. Waxing is an ideal form of blocking any cracks through which water and dirt can penetrate as well as putting a protective shield over the tiles so it's the wax that gets beat up, not the actual tiles themselves. 

The essence of a professional strip and wax service needs to be continually stated especially when it comes to stripping and waxing. We work with several trained professionals skilled in different floors and cleaning methods. They ensure the longevity of your commercial floors by maintaining and properly cleaning the floors.

With the amount of foot traffic that comes into a commercial building, it would be a disaster if the floors were not safe for people. At DFW Steam Cleaning, we have strip and wax solutions that ensure the floors are safe for walking and look great conducting business. The solutions we use are not harmful so you can be rest assured that your business partners and customers can breathe clean air when we strip and wax your floors.

We put your safety first hence our trained professionals being all hands on deck to ensure everything is in order. DFW Steam Cleaning's stripping and waxing floor service will create an ambiance that adds value to your business. We add an identity that resonates deeply with anyone that walks into your building.  No one wants to see dull scratched floors, including your wonderful workers.  

We understand that people appreciate a clean and serene impression, this is our selling point. We seek to off you great looking floors so you can continue to attack the best clients and have the best climate for success.  

Contact us to strip and wax your floors and revitalize your business atmosphere.




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