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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Steam Cleaning - Frisco, TX

Steam Cleaning Frisco, Tx

Steam cleaning has its benefits and has become globally chosen over the traditional method of cleaning carpets and rug fibers. It’s chosen medically and it’s good for your household, your family, and even your pets. It’s eco-friendly and the safest cleaning method to use for your fiber because it requires more water and fewer chemicals. This is our concern at DFW Steam Cleaning, providing the residents of Frisco, Tx with the best.

Steam Cleaning keeps your home sanitized and this cannot be achieved when you make use of a sponge to clean your rugs or carpet. When using a sponge to clean your rug or carpet, you wouldn't be able to see the viruses, bacteria, molds, and other disease-causing pathogens but when we steam clean your carpet, this becomes one less worry for your household. Using our steam cleaning method, the tiny pores created in your rugs and carpets get penetrated with the heat and this can kill E Coli causing pathogens from your surfaces. If you have a pet, it should not be a worry because our steam cleaning leaves your home smelling different and not like a pet store or zoo. Pets carry fleas and other pests we have no idea about and when they roll over the carpet or rugs, it can get your fiber contaminated without your knowledge and these organisms have trouble surviving the blazing hot temperatures from our truck-mounted steam cleaning engines. 

Spots and grease can be an awful sight to behold on your carpet or rug, we use an ultra-strong vacuum to clean this and leave your rug looking as neat as the first time you got it. When water pours on your rug, it doesn't just leave a huge water patch on it, it has your rug and carpet smelling like wet feet and socks and no one wants that in their home, our steam cleaning doesn't only remove germs, it gives your fiber a good and long-lasting fragrance. Trust our team at DFW Steam Cleaning to get your rugs and carpet beautiful again.  Water and heat are the major elements and are 100% environmentally friendly and this is also highly recommended. It's time to give us a call. Request our services, we also offer consultations and give immediate assistance as it suits you. Put the beauty and texture of your carpet or rugs in our hands today.

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