Removing Stains in Carpet That Keep Coming Back

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Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Carpet stains that keep coming back

Stains that keep coming back

We have all seen those stains that will not go away. You have had your carpets cleaned numerous times and by different companies and some of those stains, like a coke spill always wick back to the surface sometime later. If you have a problem stain and can keep kids and pets off it if after we leave, we can make sure it does not come back again. As the carpet dries from the top of the fiber, it wicks or pulls the moisture from the bottom to the top where there is some air. As it pulls the moisture, many times a large quantity stain like a can of coke can wick to the surface with the moisture from the cleaning and this can make the stain reappear days after the cleaning was done because the spill went all the way thru the carpet, into the carpet padding and down to the subfloor.

Carpets are all nice and rosy until a stubborn stain finds its way into the fibers. These stains could result from spilling over wine, coffee, fruit juice, or any liquid at all. Sometimes, they could even be caused by food smudged against the surface of the carpet. These kinds of stains are quite difficult to remove even with multiple scrubs and they could longer there for a long time.

Over time, solutions have been sought to this problem and different ideas have been applied in solving it. One of the methods proceeded is the spot remover. These items are applied on the spot and cleaned off after a while but soon after, the stain resurfaces. This is because stubborn stains like those caused by wine, coffee, and other drinks, are not superficial. They go beyond the surface and etch themselves in the tiny fibers in the carpet. As long as a superficial cleaning is done, these stains would keep coming back no matter how many attempts you make to remove them.

The best result you would get is a clean surface because you've been able to clean the stain from the padding, not the fibers. When the area becomes moist, the residue in the fibers would reabsorb itself back to the surface. In some other cases, the stain leaves a slightly adhesive spot that quickly attracts new stains and in no time, you'd be having another stain to deal with.

So, how do we keep these spots from coming back?

Steam cleaning. This method involves the use of steam in dissolving stains from the surface down to the fiber and sometimes we have to flush out the pad if the subfloor is concrete.   When this is done, the stain can be easily extracted with our extraction equipment. We know that not everyone can find a reliable steam cleaner which is why we would like to help you. We offer effective and long-lasting stain removal options by using the steam cleaning method and the truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment to break down stubborn stains and get rid of them on your carpet.

Our services are affordable, efficient, and eco-friendly so you don't have to bother about the risks of having our team over at your apartment. Every carpet we have ever cleaned is proof of the authenticity of our services.

Besides cleaning the carpet and removing the stains, we take an extra step to preserve your carpet from future stains by using Scotchgard to coat the surface.

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