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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Sofa Steam Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning

DFW Steam Cleaning can clean your soiled sofas to remove stains, water stains, juice stains as well as pet stains, and odors from your sofas. Steam cleaning your sofas can freshen them up so they are as clean as can be while you are spending time with your family.  Of all our home accessories and furniture, the sofa is the most used of them all. For some persons and families, their sofa is like a member of the family.

This is to show how useful and important that singular piece of furniture is in our different homes.  The same way the sofa is useful in the house, it is the same way that it gets easily dirtied and soiled.  From food smears to drinks spills, body dirt and oil, substance stains, pet hair, pet dander, pet urine, mud from our feet, and airborne dirt/dust to mention but a few, there are so many things that make our sofa's and couches get dirty and even smelly at some point.

Against this backdrop, your sofa must be adequately and efficiently cleaned to rid it of this dirt and grime.  Doing a DIY cleaning of your sofa might look easy to you, as all you do is just do a little swipe here and a little scrub there, forgetting that some dirt, smudges, and oils are deeply etched into the fabric of the sofa, however, a rental or home machine can lead to cellulose fiber brownout.  We prevent browning while we clean and we can also reverse browning or water stains if you have cleaned it yourself.   You need a thorough and deep cleaning of your sofa periodically to keep up appearances and to get rid of these deep stains and smudges. You can’t perform this deep cleaning by yourself, but we can at DFW Steam Cleaning!

At DFW Steam Cleaning, we know more about sofa cleaning than you do, hence we know how to take quality care of your sofa than you do!

We know and understand that there are different types of fabrics used in manufacturing different sofas.

Different Sofa Fabric Labels

W – This shows that this category of sofas needs to be cleaned with just water.

WS – This label shows that this category of the sofa needs to be cleaned via steam vacuuming and with a dry/mild cleaning detergent.

X – This label shows that only vacuuming is allowed on this sofa. No washing with water.

S – This label shows that your sofa needs to be cleaned with only dry cleaner detergent.

Knowing the recommended manufacture cleaning instructions helps us, however, it is merely the manufacturer's recommended way.  As we are experienced, we "W" clean "S" codes all of the time because sometimes the recommended cleaning method will not produce the quality results your wanting to obtain, which is a clean sofa.  The cleaning code is how we know what type of cleaning process is recommended and cleaning agents that we should use for your sofa at DFW Steam Cleaning!

Besides that, at DFW Steam Cleaning, we make sure that we use VLM (very low moisture) when we clean your sofa and other upholstery so that your sofa and upholstery can get dried faster after cleaning.

Also, we can disinfect your sofa and upholstery while cleaning after washing and drying, to ensure that we simultaneously rid your sofa of dirt that you can see and germs that you can’t see!!

Not to forget to mention that at DFW Steam Cleaning, we ensure that we use sofa fabric protection products, such that regardless of long you use your sofa, the fabric remains durable.

At DFW Steam Cleaning, we have all you need to bring your sofa back to life from the land of dirt, stains, smudges, and germs in the twinkling of an eye!!  Why don’t you give us a trial right now? We know that you would be more than convinced and satisfied with our services!!!

Whether you’re enjoying a family dinner, cozying up with Bae, or having a “Me” moment; stains, dirt, and spillage are unavoidable.  And if not taken care of as it should, these things can cause lasting and irredeemable negative effects on your sofa.  So to avoid that, kindly contact us to help clean and freshen up your sofa, we are but a click away!!

We use VLM (very low moisture) when we clean upholstery so we don't over-wet and your sofa's dry more quickly.  

Sofa Fabric Protection

Whether you just bought the sofa brand new or freshening up the one you had since college, protecting the fabric is always a good idea.  Scotchgard doesn't magically keep your sofa from getting dirty, but it does keep soils and spills from sticking to the fabric, and that is very helpful when it comes time to clean the sofa again.   We use commercial grade fabric protection products.  The ready-made Scotchgard in the big box stores is not as concentrated and contractor grade products.  Plus while the application of Scotchgard or fabric protection is not rocket science, you can't use too much.  Rember for all intents and purposes, Scotchgard is a liquid plastic and too much will cause the fibers to have a rough, crispy feel.  

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