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Slate Sealing

Protect Your Slate Floors by Sealing Them

Most people keep questioning if they should seal their slate or not. Installing slates in a home is the new trend and when you have decided to Install slates in that dream home of yours, lots of advice will spring up. Both the contractors you will contract and other homeowners will come up with various opinions, however, the choice is still yours to make. Most people believe sealing slates isn't necessary, but if you want to have a proper matte and shiny finishing of your slate installation, then you should consider sealing your slates.

History of slate floors

Slate is not a stone that just popped up from nowhere, It is a fine natural stone that is made from little clay and silt particles, it is also a metamorphic rock that comes from shale. It also consists of mica and quartz grains and since it's a natural stone, it comes in mostly black and grey color.  that is brought together under high pressure and heat. These slates date back to the times when it wasn't used for flooring until it was realized that these fine stones can be used for flooring and it is stronger than the normal tiles we are used to. However, slates are been produced in different countries like Brazil, China, Vermont, and India. Each slate has its history and some are stronger than some. Therefore, it will help to know the slate you are using so you can know how to handle It.

 Impregnating sealer for slate

When talking about impregnating a sealer for slate, It simply means sealing the pores of your slate in a way that the look of your slate stone will not change even after it has been cured. Color enhancer sealer will be used so that it will boost the natural look of the surface of your stone. The impregnating sealer also protects your slate and the grout from any form of oil or water stains by reacting chemically using nanotechnology as well as creating an invisible barrier that protects your slate and gives it space to breathe. In other words, the impregnating sealer protects the surface of your slates and its grout from absorbing any form of stains and it also makes maintaining and cleaning your slate floor quite easier than expected. There are various types of impregnating sealers and they have their benefits also. Like the water-based impregnating sealers, it is long-lasting and offered at least 10 years of protection, some impregnating sealer can last up to 15 years.

Color enhancement sealer for slate

Color enhancement sealers are protectors that are solvent-based and it consists of some special features that intensify and enhances the natural beauty of your slate floor. The color enhancer protects the surface of your slate and also facilitates slate maintenance, although it has little or no effect on the floor's slip resistance. Installing the color enhancement sealer is quite easy to install and it lasts long. It is very durable and If used indoor, the color effect and protection can last for as long as 10 years. However, if the color enhancer is used outdoors, the color enhance could still last for possibly three years because of being exposed to the elements as well as higher dirt traffic. Although, the protection part will last closer to five years. Furthermore, the color enhancement sealer is easy to maintain as all you need to do is just sweep often to remove dirt from the surface. However, if you notice that the color enhancer has lost its sheen, we can easily recoat the slate after a steam cleaning that way you have saved yourself some maintenance cost.

Sealing your slate makes it durable and easy to maintain as it brings out the beauty of your slate floor. Hence, if you are already thinking of installing a slate floor, you can contact DFW sealing company to help you install and seal your slate nicely for you.

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