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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Slate Cleaning & Sealing

We Clean Slate Surfaces

Slate floors are classy natural stones made from slate typically quarried from mountains. Slate has the ability to improve the appearance of a space by adding a certain authenticity to the home. It has proven to be ultimately durable. Issues like cracks and chips and even breaks which are prevalent with other tiles and floors, do not constitute a problem when it comes to slate floors. If properly maintained, one can use slate floors for decades without encountering challenges arising from a reduction in the slate’s quality.

Slate floors are very beautiful but like other natural stone tiles, they are porous if not properly sealed. Porous tiles can easily store dirt and other unwanted material, hence the need for the tiles to be sealed properly. Even when sealed, slate still needs to be cleaned regularly and properly. There are different methods of cleaning the slate for regular cleaning and deep cleaning.

Maintaining slate floors have been sometimes overlooked, people tend to attribute this to its durability. As much as it will continue to look decent without proper cleaning, there may be some elements you might not see. For example, lack of proper cleaning could lead to cracks and damages so severe you might just want to change the entire surface. However, DFW steam cleaning will not allow you to get to this breaking point. This is why you need a professional cleaning service that is not just centered on cleaning your tile surfaces but is concerned about the well-being of the entire family.

Our cleaning solutions are tailored to suit any and every household whether you have pets, kids, or a very large family. The professionals under our belt are skilled in cleaning slate surfaces spotless while keeping your family safe. We operate green-based cleaning solutions which means what we do is suitable for the environment. Natural mix blessed by mother nature to keep your floors shiny and ensuring the safety of your household. In addition to this, we have various equipment that can restore your slate surfaces back to its original state.

 Our specialized techniques help to prolong the life span of your slate surfaces. Imagine now having to worry about changing the floors or surfaces because it does not look so good anymore. We give you the liberty of only changing your slate surfaces when you want a new kind of scene not because it does not look. This is the assurance DFW steam cleaning gives all our clients.

You do not have to wait for layers of stains and bacteria to build castles on your slate surfaces. Make that call today, DFW steam cleaning will provide prompt professional solutions to any aging slate cleaning your home.

For regular cleaning, ensure to remove loose debris using a dry mop or a broom. After sweeping or dusting, you may mix dishwashing liquid with warm water and use the mixture to wipe the floors with the aid of a mop or wet rag. This will enable you to remove more debris and stains with relative ease. However, when it comes to deep cleaning, steam cleaning is the best method to thoroughly clean and kill bacteria that may be growing in the porous tiles. Steam cleaning is simply a cleaning method which employs the use of steam (vaporized water as well as dry steam), conveyed through an appliance akin to a vacuum cleaner. Steam will emulsify any waxes, grease, grime, and food particles that may be on your slate floor. We have a very strong truck-mounted vacuum to suck up all the dirt and debris removed from your natural slate flooring.


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