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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Shower Walls and Floor Cleaning

Shower, Bath Walls, and Floor Cleaning

We are a professional steam cleaning company. Steam is the best method for cleaning surfaces in your bathroom. Steam emulsifies soap scum, grease, makeup, urine, feces, and other contaminants you will find in any restroom environment. If you have a ring of soap scum around your garden tub or bathtub we can melt it away with steam and remove it with our high-powered truck-mounted vacuum system. We also clean the tile floors, sink basin, and of course the shower walls.  We do not clean shower pans, glass, trim, or tubs.  Simply the hard surfaces made of ceramic tiles or stone. 

DFW Steam Cleaning, Is The Best Cleaner of Shower, Bath Walls, and Floors

Most often the bathroom gets dirty, and for your safety and the good of your health, it must be kept clean and well sanitized. The quality services we offer at DFW Steam Cleaning, are your best shot at having a clean shower, bath walls, and floor. Our highly equipped machines get into all the nooks and crannies and sterilize them with intense heat, striking out the possible use of chemicals. With regards to the success of shower and bath walls, we can also apply this in many places, such as car cleaning, floor cleaning, and carpets.

Why is Steam Cleaning Your Shower And Bath Walls?

It is a common occurrence, the grout lines in tile walls and tile floors getting slimy and tinted with such irritating looks, daily as you take your bath, soap scum gradually builds up and gets in passable materials it slowly thickens and becomes harder to wipe using formal means. Having a couple of detergents and applying strength during scrubbing may not perfectly get the job done. DFW Steam Cleaning, will handle difficult build up in grout and tiles in more professional ways and get your walls and floors sparkling. Make that important decision of steam cleaning your shower and bath walls with DFW Steam Cleaning, considering its effective ways of getting rid of microbes, such as Hepatitis, Escherichia Coli, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, and Influenza, without using any toxic chemicals. Steam cleaning your shower and bath walls might seem a bit tasking, but it will cost you less and even more effective than replacing the wall and shower. Steam cleaning ensures your shower walls get a vast and intense cleaning that not just make the wall look nice and smell refreshing, it will also give you a handful of assurance, that it has been sterilized as well. At DFW Steam Cleaning, we begin from top to bottom in a regular shower and wall, as it is commonly known to have a nice cleaning you have to start from the top and finish at down.

Why Steam Cleaning Your Floor?

Getting your floor steam cleaned, would have so many benefits, aside from the professionally acclaimed benefits. Imagine removing thick dirt, your floor looking brand new, and getting rid of microbes off your floor without any toxic chemicals. Quite often, amazing stuff like these don’t come by easily, but DFW steam Cleaning is here to make it a regular occurrence.  Walk in your bare feet with confidence, give us a call today.


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