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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Saltillo Cleaning & Sealing

We Clean and Seal Saltillo

Saltillo tile is named from the region of Mexico that it was originally made. Saltillo tile is a type of Terra cotta tile that originates in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. This tile varies in color, shape, and shading with hues of reds, oranges, and yellows. The tile is made by pressing clay from the region into a square frame or other desired shape. After the tile is pressed it is then fired in an oven where the unique colors start to show with greater or lesser degrees of contrast.
Saltillo tile is beautiful when used as flooring and it gives the home an exotic appearance. However, for all its grandeur, the Saltillo tile is highly porous and soaks in liquids quite easily. There is also no glaze on the tile surface. This means that the tile can quickly get stains and lose its color if not sealed and properly cleaned. When Saltillo is installed it should be properly sealed first before grouting. Some people might argue that sealing your tile flooring will make it lose its natural appearance and authenticity. We have found this to be false.
Sealing tile flooring does not alter the appearance of the flooring for the worst, rather it improves the appearance and guarantees a longer life span. This is quite the case with Saltillo tiles, which is highly susceptible to stains, water, and all sorts of liquids. Without sealing Saltillo tiles, even routine cleaning can be a bit of a challenge, in that the water being used in cleaning the floor would be quickly absorbed by the porous tiles, thereby encouraging it to regenerate a lot faster. However, with proper sealing, Saltillo tiles would be impermeable for water and any other liquids.
Due to the uniqueness of Saltillo tiles, it could be very difficult and expensive for people to maintain. Having to think of redoing the entire floor is just enough to make you cringe but thankfully DFW steam cleaning will never let that happen. Even if your Saltillo tiles are dirty and neglected - no offense, we will help restore its radiant shine. Our trained professionals use equipment that not only polishes your Saltillo tiles but properly seals the tiles to remove any threat of rodents, dirt, and grime getting in through cracks. DFW will help to reduce the stress of paying so much money to redo the entire Saltillo floor because what is the point of all that when we can clean and seal it for you. Plus it would be as good as getting your floors done.
There are intricate methods we will take in cleaning your Saltillo floors but the very first order of business will be taking off the acrylic used as a real on the tiles. Now we do not want to clean and have the same issues you have always complained about. This is one of the reasons the removal of acrylic is left for professionals. After we help rekove the old acrylic, we then scrub and clean the tiles thoroughly to remove any form of stain or dirt on the surface or hidden anywhere on the floor. Once this is done, our steam cleaning methods kick into full gear. Interestingly, our cleaning methods take little or no time for the job to be done, the heat and cleaning solutions help to sanitize the floor while giving your tiles a refreshed look. Most importantly, we value the safety of our clients and put your health first. We make sure the floors are properly dried and the solutions used to clean are not harmful to anyone in traffic family whether pets or children.
Also, there is the chance that if the tiles are not sealed before grouting is done, they would suck in the grout, thereby reducing their life span to an insanely short period of time. It is a good idea to regularly have your Saltillo cleaned and sealed. For professional deep cleaning, we recommend steam cleaning for Saltillo tiles. Interestingly, DFW Steam cleaning is trained in the proper maintenance of this beautiful tile flooring product. What better place to find Saltillo cleaning and sealing services than at DFW!


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