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Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Let Us Immersion Clean Your Rugs

Rug Immersion Cleaning

Area rugs, while they seem similar, are different than carpet. Rugs are a tighter weave and can trap dirt deep down in the fibers of the woven yarns. Vacuuming and household carpet cleaners can’t release the dirt and oils trapped in the rug, and even standard professional carpet cleaning services will not properly clean your area rug. That’s where our professional rug immersion service comes in.

Vacuums as efficient as they are in remove dust from carpets are not as effective when it comes to area rugs. There are synthetic fibers embedded deep in the rugs that keep them fluffy and full, vacuums and other cleaning methods may not be as effective in removing the dirt that is trapped therein. However, DFW Steam Cleaning's rug immersion cleaning process can do the trick. To clean the rug, we submerge it into a pool of water and pH balanced detergent that is made for that particular rug fiber. Then the rug is agitated with brushes and this spins dirt and oils, out of the rug. The process is repeated until the water comes out clean, leaving your rug clean and smelling fresh. After this, the rug is put inside a centrifuge that spins the water out of the rug, then onto the drying platform that thoroughly dries the rug, including the water that can be held deep in the tightly woven yarns.

You would not want the detergent used in washing the rug to still remain after the cleaning process has been completed. Hence, our rug immersion technique properly washes off the shampoo and detergent from your area rugs. DFW Steam Cleaning's rug immersion cleaning process are natural remedies to clean your area rugs and restore its beauty. The ecofriendly cleaning solutions protect the fibers of your rug as well as you. 

In addition to using the very best of natural cleaning solutions during rug immersion, we also boast of acquiring quality equipment that get the job done in little or no time after the rug immersion process has been completed. Our long-range of services affords us the luxury to hire several trained technicians in different areas of cleaning. You are guaranteed the top-notch services that will leave your area rug smelling and looking fresh.

Our rug immersion technique can eliminate most forms of stain or blemish on your area rug, from urine stains to wine spills. We can get it cleaned in no time as our technicians use enzymes to remove urine stains and clear the odor.

Here are some of the additional features we offer our clients in the range of rug cleaning in Dallas:

  • Moth repel
  • Pre-spotting which our technicians successfully handle.

If you are looking to restore the quality of your area rugs after trying different cleaning methods and professional companies, why don’t you call us today. We have technicians near you in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Call today to schedule an appointment!


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