Restaurant Cleaning of Tile, Carpets, Rugs, Drapes and More in The Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex

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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Restaurant Cleaning

DFW Restaurant Carpet, Tile, Upholstery Cleaning

Keep your dining and social areas carpet and upholstery clean for your guests.

DFW Restaurant management is difficult and we understand the pressures you face on a day to day basis dealing with the management demands.' It's sometimes' difficult to stay on top of cleaning your DFW restaurant carpet and upholstery and maintaining the best image you can for your customers because of previous poor cleaning results or just can’t find a dependable company that will be there when you desire ' and on time.

DFW Steam Cleaning is perfectly suited for restaurants.' With restaurant traffic coming in from the outside and from the kitchen on the inside ' this poses numerous challenges to keep the carpeted areas looking their best and not letting them get dull and dingy.' Nothing cuts through greasy soils like heat.' You need to be above 180F to break the static barrier.' That is the invisible magnetic like attraction that all carpet fibers have to dirt.' The ions in carpet are charged the exact opposite of dirt and high heat is needed to break that attraction and then sufficient pressure to “knock” it loose form the actual carpet fibers, which can then be extracted.'

Our cleaning process is residue free and your carpet will not look like it was never cleaned a week after we have cleaned it for you.' For those traffic areas closest to the kitchen, we have another powerful tool in our cleaning arsenal: Power Scrubbing.' We use a rotary scrubber with a carpet brush attached to agitate our pre-treatment thoroughly into the carpet fibers and then afterwards the carpet gets steam cleaned.' This process can restore carpets to new-like condition especially carpets that have designs or highlights that are different or lighter colors than the base color of the carpet.'

DFW Steam Cleaning can also clean your DFW restaurant upholstered bench seats, chairs and stools even if they are covered in silk or linen.' DFW Steam Cleaning offers total dining image cleaning and maintenance and that, coupled with your great food will give your employees and customers the best restaurant dining experience in DFW.

DFW Steam Cleaning can also clean your restaurant hard surface flooring like VCT, ceramic tile, concrete patio cleaning, limestone and porcelain floors removing all the foot traffic dirt as well as kitchen grease.

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