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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

No Soap Residue Carpet Cleaning

Low to no soapy residue or chemical carpet cleaning

DFW Steam Cleaning uses Steam and hot water extraction to clean your carpeting. For a truly zero soapy residue cleaning, no "soaps" should be used. The reality of the matter is that most carpet cleaning companies that advertise zero soapy residue cleaning do use low-quality soaps to help emulsify the dirt and grime. The low quality "soaps" are difficult to rinse out, especially without the proper amount of heat. The real key to effective cleaning is using high-quality detergents that don't bubble up, much like the detergents you use in the High Efficiency (HE) front load washing machines coupled with well trained and experienced technicians that take the time to do the job right while using professional equipment that gets the water hot enough to clean the carpet, rinse out the mild detergent, kill germs, and a high capacity truck-mounted vacuum to extract all the dirty water residue for a good cleaning job. This is where experience is key to make sure that the job is done completely before rolling up the hoses and heading to the next job.

Carpet Cleaning is simply a matter of pH

pH comes into play with carpet cleaning.   The mild detergents we use have an alkaline base, as alkaline for synthetic carpet fibers generally works the best.  We do meter an acidic rinse through the steam while cleaning that is a rinsing agent, the opposite of the alkaline pre-treatment applied before cleaning.  Water is of course pH Neutral.  The best result carpet can have is to be pH neutral.  Neutral pH will keep spots from coming back and your traffic areas from looking bad 3 days later.  We do this by using the opposite pH of our alkaline pre-treatment, which is on the acidic side of the pH scale.  So Alkaline pH Pre-treatment/Acidic pH rinse = Neutral pH finished product.  Now natural fibers and fibers that have cellulose content prefer the Acidic pH side of the scale.  We are prepared for all eventualities.   Most companies do not properly maintain their equipment.  Our state of the art truck mounts use "Last Step" injection that is automatically metered into the steam as we are cleaning, deactivating the alkaline pre-treatment as we clean so when we leave, your carpet is back to the neutral pH and the carpet won't look dirty again after 3 days.  

DFW Steam Cleaning is the leader in natural "Green" steam cleaning in all of Dallas and Fort Worth. Don't forget we clean carpets, rugs, upholstery, and drapes in Plano, Frisco, Arlington, McKinney, Flower Mound, and the entire DFW Metroplex.

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