Security Deposits Returned With Professional Carpet Cleaning

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Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Rental Security Deposits

Rental deposits & Carpet Cleaning

If you are currently renting a home or apartment and may be thinking of moving soon, you should consider the condition of your carpeting and tile. Most landlord / tenant rental agreements are heavily favored towards the landlord or property owner. As well it should be as it is your responsibility to care for and protect that property from damage as if it were your own. The biggest reason to keep your security deposit is usually the condition of the carpets, especially if you have pets and even if you have paid the pet deposit and to a lesser extent the tile in your rental unit. Tile can hold pet urine and odors and the landlord is not big on finding the source. They smell it and your security deposit is gone!

Small blemishes in the carpeting that were not noted on the move-in inspection form can be enough reason not to refund your security deposit. The deposit is usually equal to your monthly rent or lease. So for a simple one bedroom apartment in a bad neighborhood could be $400.00 or more. In a better community that same size apartment could be $800-$900. This means a simple spot on a carpet could cost you $900 or more for larger and nicer rental units.

DFW Steam Cleaning is affordable and does a fantastic job cleaning carpets for renters across the DFW Metroplex. We are ideally positioned if you have pet stains or pet odors in your carpeting. We use professional grade high temperature steam cleaning equipment to emulsify, clean, and disinfect the carpet fibers. After cleaning we use very high suction vacuum that is truck mounted so we can offer the best suction available. We extract all the dirt, grease, food, grime, pet hair, and everything else out of the carpet fibers leaving your carpet clean and smelling fresh.

When you hire us to clean your carpet and tiles you are very likely to get a larger portion of you're rental security deposit back, than without us.

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