Carpet Cleaning for Rental Properties In The DFW Metroplex

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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Rental Properties Cleaning

Make Ready Cleaning On Your Rental Properties

Carpet Cleaning, Fabric Cleaning, Tile Cleaning and More.

If you own or manage rental properties and your tenants have pets or the carpets are very dirty, give us a try, we can make it like they weren't even there, saving you money - unless you like buying new carpet every-time there is a move out. But for those who don't, DFW Steam cleaning will deep clean the carpets with our power scrubbing process and remove pet odor and improve yellow urine stains for a price that's not even close to replacing the carpet.

Let The Cleaning Crew Do The Small Stuff.

Cleaning crews are not capable to clean wood floors, laminate floors or any hard surface like ceramic or stone. When we steam clean we use a high powered truck mount that knocks the debris and dirt out of hard surface floors and then rinses and sucks the dirty water back out to the truck. On a typical floor, to make sure there is no mop water residue, you would have to constantly empty and refill the mop bucket many, many times. How many times have you seen housekeepers do that? Exactly. Typically one bucket for a whole floor, which is counter-productive to actually cleaning. We don't spread dirty mop water around your floors.

Cleaning Crews Have No Clue What They Are Doing.

From bleach products on carpet, to acrylic wax on wood, tile and laminate floors, you would think they would know what they are doing, but sadly, they don't. We have literally seen mop and glo applied to travertine floors as well as polyurethane applied to marble. There is a clear separation, let them vacuum, clean cabinets, blinds and toilets, let the professionals handle everything else.

*NOTE. We Consider Rental Income Properties Commercial Properties And Are Not Eligible For Any Coupons On The Site.

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