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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Portable High-rise Office Carpet Cleaning

Portable Carpet Cleaning Dallas/Fort Worth

This isn't your rented Carpet Cleaning Machine

As the name suggests, a portable carpet cleaning machine, in commercial form is a larger and more powerful machine that is taken into the cleaning space, whether a high rise office, 4th floor or greater residence, mid-rise residence, or any residence where there is an elevator only access to your home or unit. A portable machine is akin to a rug doctor, again, most commercial portable steam extractors are more powerful than the rug doctors that you can rent, some are not.
A portable carpet cleaning machine gets its power from an electrical outlet. Again, they have water, suction, and sometimes internal heaters to heat the water; however, the machines are limited by the amperage that can be pulled from 110-volt power. Most machines sacrifice internal heat and use that amperage for suction power. After all, if you're popping a circuit breaker every 5 minutes, that can make the job take forever.

Portable machines, heat is generated by the heat that the hot water source has, usually a sink or bathtub. Portable carpet cleaning will take longer to complete the job and typically more detergents are used, to compensate for the lack of heat to clean effectively.
Portable carpet cleaning units of high quality and operated by a skillful technician can do the same quality of job as a truck-mounted unit can, Just takes a little more time. 

The portable has advantages in that it is a self-contained unit and can go to the 33rd floor in the DFW Metroplex where the truck mount cannot reach. Typically, any location that is 4th floor or greater or has an internal inside door or parking garage/elevator entry will require the services of a portable carpet extractor. Three floors or less with outside entrances can usually be done with a truck-mounted steam cleaner.

Also, before deciding if you want to buy a cleaning machine or rent one, you need to carefully analyze some factors. Renting might seem convenient, but, you should know that the machine might not be as effective as it was and might not do a thorough job in cleaning your office or home. Which is why it is advisable that you purchase one.  

In addition, you might also look at some conditions before selecting the best carpet cleaning machine. Things to look out for are;

  • The machine’s weight: If it's a vacuum cleaner, you would easily be able to carry it about and do some good cleaning. But one thing you should know is that carpet cleaners weigh a lot and once water is added to it, it makes it difficult to move about
  • Check for special features: Some additional features that might cost you money, but are needed are; a rotating brush, a heater, an edge cleaning, and attachments which assist in cleaning small areas.
  • Go through the machine’s warranty: It is important you cross-check with your carpet warranty, so as to avoid using a product that would cause damage to the carpet.

Depending on your choice, and that of the organization, there are various kinds of carpet cleaning machine.

Top carpet cleaner machines for home use

  1. Hoover Smart wash, Automatic Carpet Cleaner
  2. Bissell Cross Wave Floor and Carpet Cleaner
  3. Bissell Pet Stain Eraser 2003T
  4. The Bissell Pro Heat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner which is also a good machine.

Furthermore, you need to maintain them by carrying out regular servicing on these machines.

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