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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Plano Ultrasuede Cleaning

Plano Ultrasuede Cleaning

Having your upholstery cleaned is a must and as such has some benefits attached to it. The few benefits are:

1. Gives your home a better look:

A home is not just where you live, but is also an investment, thus it should look great and comfortable. Maintaining your upholstery is very important, especially if you notice any form of fading, dirt, or even it being worn out. To ensure your home looks better, then it is advisable to reach out to our cleaning experts to have your upholstery cleaned in a proper manner.  At the end of the task, you can rest assured that your home would be looking its best.

2. Clean furniture improves indoor air quality

An environment that is healthy would be beneficial to your health. Whereas, an environment where you spend lots of time inhaling dirt loaded with nasty particles could be detrimental to your health. Some common effects which you are likely to suffer from breathing such dirty particles are;   allergy flare-ups, constant headaches, or even respiratory issues. 
To avoid all that, then it is important to have or maintain clean indoor air quality. In order to achieve that, you would need to have your upholstery items in your home cleaned and dirt free. This should be done routinely by our professional cleaners.  As we use stram cleaning, we encapsulate the small dust particles and suck them out.  This is more effective than dry vacuuming.

A much improved and long-lasting piece of furniture 

The appearance of your upholstery items can be negatively affected by dirt, some nasty buildups found in the fibers of your upholstered items. If it lingers on for a sustained period, then it might affect the lifespan of such items. As a result, it would lead to additional costs as such items might need to be replaced. To avoid all that headache and enjoy your upholstery piece for a good period of time, then it is important to maintain it and keep those harmful build-ups from damaging it. Get in touch with our experts as they are more than capable of handling such tasks with ease. 

Steps in removing pen from Ultrasuede

Firstly, Ultrasuede is durable and is a fabric that has stain-resistance attached to it. Despite this fact, it can be affected by marks from ballpoint pens. To this end, they're just about four steps to follow in order to eliminate such stains. 

Step1: Have a little drop of alcohol poured into the stained area of the fabric. Repeat with a larger drop if the first wasn't sufficient.   
Step2: Dab with a clean white cloth on the inked area, and also avoid rubbing the stained area so as not to reapply the ink to the Ultrasuede. 
Step3: Add more alcohol and continue blotting till the aim is achieved, changing to another side of the white cloth as ink transfers to it
Step4:  The last step would require you to blot excess alcohol from the fabric by using an entirely different cloth. After which, allow the fabric to air dry. 
So, should you encounter such challenges, feel free to have such steps followed, and watch how the inked stain disappears from the Ultrasuede.


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