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Microfiber furniture has gained popularity over the past years due to its durability, range of personalized choices, affordability, and resistance to stain.  Its ease of maintenance is evident in the fact that it is more resistant to stains and dirt, and this is because the microfiber material is tightly woven. This doesn't mean it can't get dirty; it just means that compared to other materials, getting dirty will take a longer time and it's virtually indestructible and can be steam cleaned thousands of times. 

Regardless, it is advised that you clean up stains on your microfiber furniture as soon as possible. Don't let liquid/fluids seep through or penetrate the fabric as getting the stain out will be more difficult. Stains like this leave ugly marks on your upholstery. Avoid this by dedicating some time to cleaning it.

Microfiber furniture should be vacuumed and cleaned regularly, and furniture manufacturers have made this easier by putting tags on furniture to help you clean them in the best way suited for the fabric type. Microfiber will always be a "W" cleaning code.  Microfiber can be cleaned with water and water-based detergents. 

Furniture will usually have the following cleaning codes to serve as a guide on cleaning it; Code W, Code S, Code W-S, or Code X.

● Code "W": This means the upholstery can be cleaned with a water-based cleaning solution.

● Code "S": This code indicates that a solvent is required to remove stains. An example of this is rubbing alcohol.

● Code "W-S": This is a conjunction of the first two codes and it means your upholstery fabric can be cleaned with a water-based cleaning solution or solvents.

● Code "X": Microfiber fabrics tagged with this code should only be vacuumed or be cleaned by a professional.
Contact Plano Microfiber Furniture Cleaning for professional aid.

How to Clean a Microfiber Furniture With a Solvent or S code

Upholsteries tagged "S", "W-S", or those without any code should be cleaned with a solvent.

Vacuum the furniture fabric first to get rid of dirt on the surface and in crevices.

Apply the Solvent
Spray the solvent, say, some rubbing alcohol or dry-cleaning solvent, on the fabric.

Gently Scrub Stain Away
Use a soft brush or cloth to scrub the stains while the fabric is still wet.

Air-Dry and Fluff
Allow the cleaned microfiber upholstery to air-dry and then use an upholstery brush to redress matted fibers.

How to Clean a Microfiber Furniture With Water-Based Solution or "W" Code

Furniture with the "W" or "W-S" cleaning code can be cleaned with a solution of mild soap and water.

As said earlier vacuum the furniture fabric to get rid of dirt.

You can use a store-bought Cleaning Solution
Your solution should be a spot cleaner like folex or spot shot.  Never use Resolve or Oxy clean or anything with the term "Optical Brightener" as that is a synonym, for bleach.  You never want to use bleach on your carpet or furniture. 

Scrub gently and Rinse
Spray a little folex or spot shot on the area and then gently rub with a white towel, noting how much of the stain is transferring to the white towel.  If no color is transferring, give us a call.   Rinse the towel, sponge, or brush in clean warm to hot water as many times as needed. Squeeze or beat excess water out and make sure it is as dry as it can get. Then, repeat the steps including spring the spots again

Rinse by dampening a cloth with clean water and wipe it down.

Air-Dry and Fluff
Allow the cleaned upholstery to air-dry. Then, use an upholstery brush or a vacuum to fluff the fibers.

Get Professional Help for Plano Microfiber Furniture, if you get into trouble

Your upholstery needs to be cleaned regularly depending on traffic or use from family, guests, and pets.  This might be challenging if you're busy with work or other things, or perhaps you just can't get rid of those stains no matter how much you try.

Worry no more. Sometimes all you need is some expert help to restore your upholstery's beauty. If you need some Plano Microfiber Furniture Cleaning, give us a call. We are experts in cleaning Plano Microfiber Furniture and can get out the dirt as well as the water stains.

*Note about rental machines to clean Microfiber Furniture

They put down too much water and lack the power necessary to extract the majority of the water out.  This can leave your microfiber furniture too wet and will take too long to dry and could create an odor. 

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