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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Pet Safe Carpet Cleaning

DFW Pet Safe Carpet Cleaning Company

If you are concerned about whether or not or carpet cleaning process is safe then the answer is YES.

If the water is safe for your pet, then so is our cleaning process. We have a professional steam cleaning and vacuum system that is truck mounted so we can get the best results. We use very hot water/steam to emulsify the dirt, grime, and grease in your carpeting.  In addition, the steam kills germs that could be harmful to your pet or any other member of the family including your children, your spouse, and yourself. As we clean we also use our high volume vacuum to extract the slurry of condensed water and dirt and grime.  

Professional steam cleaning does not get any better than an explanation friendly cleaning solution used by our specialized team. This means that we do not rely on harsh chemicals that clean your carpets which might cause a lot of health hazards especially to those that have allergies. Our green system of cleaning ensures the safety of your family and pets before anything else. Consequently, DFW professional steam cleaning does not just kill the germs but it keeps the carpet smelling fresh. Our cleaning methods are fast and reliable, you do not have to wait for a long period of time before your carpet is clean, our steam method allows drying period to be faster.

The thing about carpets is their popularity, even though we currently have a whole lot of flooring products. Also, people get drawn to carpets because of them being very warm and have a soft feeling on it. In addition, when you want to maintain it, you get to find out that it requires less and upkeep when compared to hard-surface floors.

However, there are some kinds of spills that might occur on your carpet, which would require you to do a proper cleaning on it. Our services are always made available to cater to your carpets as we have a good number of workers who know how to handle it in a proper manner. But we have a few methods that should enlighten you when attempting to clean an immediate spill on your carpet.

Homeowner Methods of spot cleaning Pet Stains on carpet

  1. Use a shaving cream: This is actually one of the best methods of cleaning a carpet as it has been proven time without number. All that is required is to apply it on the stained surface for about 30 minutes, after which blot it up with some clean cloth.
  2. Use hydrogen peroxide: The use of hydrogen peroxide is most effective with bloodstains. Simply apply on the stained surface and wait for a couple of minutes before cleaning with a paper towel.
  3. Use of steam cleaner: If you want to keep maintaining carpeting, then it is advisable to regularly deep clean it by using a steam cleaner.

Plus, if you experience some stains that feels difficult to remove, do ensure to contact us as our company is readily available to ensure your carpet remains shining.

Furthermore, our steam cleaning services help to preserve carpet life. No one wants a carpet that has an odd smell and gradually loses its form. Quite frankly, it is really not healthy, keeping such carpet in the house, our steam cleaning service prevents you from lamenting about any old carpet. Through our professional steam cleaning methods, your carpet no matter how battered and bruised it might be, we can give it life. You can call us to EMT for carpets.

Interestingly, no matter how clean your carpet might be, you may not be able to see the pollutants hiding in your carpet. Bugs and other crafty insects could find their way and damage the carpet if the proper cleaning method is not ensured. For your safety and that of your family, you should opt for DFW Steam Cleaning's professional steam cleaning service. Our pet safe carpet cleaning solutions help to trap these pollutants and kill any form of bacteria that must have festered therein. Talk about a complete makeover. So you do not have to worry about your pets and kids playing on the carpet anymore.

When we are done your carpet will be safer for your pets than before we started to steam clean your carpeting. We serve DallasFort WorthPlanoFriscoArlington, and the entire DFW Metroplex.


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