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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Olefin Carpet Cleaning Company

Olefin Carpet Cleaning

Olefin or polypropylene is the second most commonly used material for making carpet fiber. Though it's not as durable as nylon, it is resistant to water, acid, and bleach stains but more susceptible to oil stains. It's resistance to water stems from its ability to wick water to the surface of its fibers. A similar mechanism, however, makes it wick stains to the surface even when it's cleaned. This makes it a tricky material to clean. Carpets made from Olefin fibers, therefore, need cleaners with a good knowledge of the material and who have the prerequisite armamentarium to ensure a good job is done.

A pre-spray that pre-treats the carpet fibers usually is needed before cleaning olefin carpets in order to ensure a good cleaning with Olefin. It's stain-resistant properties and plastic nature confers some challenges and underlines the technicality involved in cleaning olefin carpet. The carpet protector usually applied after cleaning your regular carpet fibers is unnecessary when dealing with olefin carpets as its fibers fail to adhere to the protector thereby offering no advantage.

Why DFW Steam Cleaning

At DFW cleaners, we pay particular attention to every detail pertaining to fabric or materials from which your household or office items and spaces are made from. This is exceptionally important in our line of work because some materials can suffer irreparable damage
Sequel to the use of inappropriate cleaning materials and methods. We carefully categorize all items brought to our outfit for cleaning and painstakingly assess those in homes and offices to ensure that only the right treatment is given to these materials.

DFW Steam Cleaning gives you the best Olefin carpet cleaning service

DFW boasts of a team of well-trained technicians who have been especially tutored to provide quality service in a timely, committed, and consistent manner.
Our armamentarium including our reagents, solutions, gadgets, and machines are constantly upgraded to meet with the very latest in household and industrial cleaning.

We pride ourselves in having invested in critical human and material resources as we deliver quality cleaning services for environmental, household, and office spaces in the Whole Dallas and Fort Wort area of Northern Texas.

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