Mop & Glo wax and Polish Removal from Hardwood Floors

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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Hard Wood Mop and Glo Removal

Mop and Glo removal from Hardwood Floors

You have just realized you or your housekeeper have been using mop and glo on your hardwood floors or ceramic tile. You thought you were using the right product and not doing any long term damage to your floors. It started out shiny and your socks wouldn't stick to the buildup, then one day the sun is shining brighter than normal and you see the wax residue that has formed a gray haze on the surface of the floors.

You get the mop and glo and apply another coat, it covers up the haze, but not for very long. You start to call flooring companies and the installers want to replace your hardwood floors, the cleaners won't touch wax, what are you to do?
The thing about the mop and Glo is that the products can invariably add more shine to the surface. In addition, it is recommended that it is wiped occasionally from time to time by using the appropriate cleaning products mainly for your hardwood floors. Furthermore, we have some steps that can aid you in the cleaning process.

Homeowner Steps in removing the Mop and Glo from hardwood

1. Appropriate use of Vacuum: The first thing you need to do is to ensure you have removed all forms of furniture, so as to enable you to remove all dust and debris
2. Air the room: Before you proceed with mixing the vinegar, you should create room for some ventilation to come in. Also, it should be noted that the vinegar is non-toxic, but once mixed with a solution brings about a strong smell.
3. Add a bit of lemon or orange to the vinegar: The reason for this combination is to subdue the vinegar harsh smell
4. Have another bucket with clean water on standby: Once this process is completed, you can start scrubbing to arrive at the place of impact.
5. Rinse after cleaning: Once you have applied the vinegar, you should exercise a little bit of patience for about 5 to 10 mins so as to enable the solution to sit in properly before rinsing well.

So, if you follow these steps above then you might make a little progress. This will take you a while and you will probably give up.  We can chemically and mechanically remove this Mop & Glo from your floor, safely without damage.  If you would need some additional assistance, then kindly contact us to do a proper job for you.
CALL DFW Steam Cleaning, we have successfully removed a majority of wax from wood and laminate floors, sometimes we have 100 percent removal and all this without dust, sanding, or most importantly damage to your existing floor. We have many happy clients in the DFW Dallas Fort Worth area that have benefited from our hardwood wax removal process.


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