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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Marble Cleaning Dallas

Marble Cleaning Dallas

Marble is a beautiful natural stone, but it does require maintenance from time to time.  Marble is a soft stone that can easily scratch and suffer from penetrative stains that stain beneath the surface.  The sandless grout or sometimes epoxy ground can become dirty from traffic and also cleaning residue.  

Marble Cleaning

Cleaning of marble or any natural stone for that matter has to be done with neutral pH cleaners.  Acidic cleaners on marble will actually etch the stone.  Alkaline can be used sometimes, but typically we use Neutral pH products.  The stones are pre-treated and then steam extracted with a pressure that runs 600-800 PSI, we can't go too high as high pressure can also etch the stone.  The cleaning and extraction remove the dirt particles and extracts them off of the floor.  A piece of sand looks like a sharp edge diamond under s microscope.

Marble Polishing or Compounding

Marble polishing or compounding is the process of using powders in conjunction with diamond pads that will "Shave" a thin slice of the stone from the floor and at the same time start to polish to "Bring out the shine" or make the shine "Pop".  If marble isn't cleaned prior and you take a circular floor machine like a buffer and run it over the floor, that piece of sand will create "Swirl" marks in the stone.  Of course, no one wants that to happen. 

Making Marble "POP"

Polishing marble until it "Pops" requires skill.  It can take 3 to 7 passes with different grits of diamond pads to finally get that shine to Pop.  Once it pops, that is what we're all looking for.  Marble can pop all the way up to a reflective formal ballroom shine that you can see your reflection in. 

Marble Sealing

Once all the time and effort has been exerted to make the marble pop to your requirements, not its time to protect that investment with an impregnating sealer that will penetrate the stone and fill in the microscopic pores so that stans cant penetrate and cause permanent damage. 

Marble Maintenance 

Maintaining marble is crucial  You can only clean or mop it with professional-grade products that are specifically made for natural stone.  you don't want to clean with products that can degrade the sealer or the polished look.   Certain cleaners not made for marble can leave a haze that ruins that nice new shine we just put on the floor.  


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