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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Limestone Tile Cleaning

We Clean Limestone

Cleaning Limestone can be a challenge, they should be cleaned regularly
We recommend for daily cleaning use a pH neutral cleaner and a microfibre mop.
The limestone is very porous and can soak up any liquid like a sponge. So to keep your flooring looking clean it is very important to rinse your mop and change water frequently so the stone does not darken in color. If you clean regularly and annually have us out to professionally clean with steam your limestone flooring will always look good.

Limestone flooring has been around for quite a while now as it is appreciated more for its attractive look. The preservation process of limestone flooring is quite easy and pretty much straightforward. Some of the cleaning processes are mentioned below.
After successfully removing the stain, it is important that you reseal the stone.
You should also have us seal your limestone before we leave to protect the stone from absorbing liquids that could discolor your limestone.
In addition, this process is highly effective, and once followed regularly, you would release that the limestone would keep maintaining its high-quality appearance. Also, if you feel you need additional assistance, then feel free to contact us as we are readily available to tender to your limestone floors.

DIY Limestone flooring cleaning processes

1. Mopping Limestone: This is non-negotiable, especially if you have experienced a high level of foot traffic on it. For effective cleaning of limestone, it is important to use the recommended mop floor cleaner. Doing this process, not only maintains the beauty but also enhances it.
2. Sweeping Limestone: If you experience high movement on the limestone floor, then it is important that you do a thorough sweep. This isn’t something to do occasionally, but rather more regularly, especially if you notice some form of sand on it. If the limestone is polished, then it is advisable to use a clean dust mop instead.
3. Eliminating stains: If you notice that the stain on your limestone floor is a bit stubborn, then you might want to try out using a baking soda with acetone as this is highly effective for tough stains, according to the Marble Institute of America as well as the Natural Stone Institute.  

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