How Stain Resistant Carpets Works - Find out How

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Stain Resistant Carpet Cleaning and Application

How Does Stain-resist Technology Work on carpet?

The technology of how these topical treatments work is really quite simple. They work in a similar manner in which dyes attach to the carpet fiber. Fibers have dye sites, which allow the dye to penetrate the fiber and give it its color. In residential carpet fibers, these dye sites have a positive electrical charge. Dyes, having a negative electrical charge, are applied to the fiber and these opposite charges neutralize one another. This allows the dye to bond to the fiber. Opposites do in fact attract. Many food items like Kool-Aid', and Gatorade' use the same negatively charged dyes to add color to the liquid drinks. When spilled on untreated fiber, these dyes bond to the fiber in the same way as the dyes used in coloring fibers at the manufacturer. This chemical bond results in a permanent stain.

The principle of stain-resistant carpet chemistry is such that in dyeing carpet fibers, not all dye sites are neutralized by the dyes. These positively-charged dye sites remain available to accepted unwanted dyes from spills. Basically, Dupont Teflon' and 3M Scotchgard' are clear colorless dye that is added to the carpet face fiber after dyeing at the manufacturer. This "protector" when applied neutralizes all remaining dye sites and thus limits the ability of new dyes from common household spills to permanently bond with the carpet fibers, causing a permanent stain. This is a simple explanation of the theory involved.

Before the introduction of Stainmaster, Scotchgard' and Teflon' were the primary fabric treatments available. These treatments add surface tension to the fibers, which causes spills to bead up on the surface of the fiber, giving you time to blot the spill up. This act much the same way as the Teflon no-stick frying pans that we all cook with. Food does not stick to the pan and it makes cleanup a snap. Spills on the carpet are repelled by the application of carpet protector treatments and, if tended to quickly, many spills can be easily removed. Dry soils are repelled in much the same manner, allowing the soil to release more easily with vacuuming, thus improving overall carpet cleaning results. Again, the non-stick properties of the protector help keep dry solid from "sticking" to the fibers. However, these treatments have the tendency to slowly wash away with routine carpet cleaning and foot traffic tends to wear these treatments away. These treatments should be reapplied after every professional cleaning.

We recommend re-applying carpet protection.  We use 3M Scotchgard and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We are pet stain and odor removal experts and pride ourselves on all of the yellow stains we can remove in most cases. Your carpet will look better and in most cases, the odor will be taken care of. Sometimes the odor removal requires some light repairs, but we are happy to give you an estimate.

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