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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floor Cleaning


We Use The Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaning System

1. The safest most effective system to clean, maintain and revive your hardwood flooring investment is Bona's Auto-scrubber that has 2 counter-rotating brushes that effectively cleans the wood, cracks, crevices of your hardwood floor.

2. Removes the years of cleaning residues and dirt that have built up on your floors without removing any stain or urethane*.

3. We use all Bona Professional hardwood maintenance products, exclusively.

4. We can clean solid hardwood, engineered, and some laminate.

5. The Bona Auto scrubber does not use steam, it uses Bona's professional-grade hardwood floor cleaner and is a very low moisture cleaning solution that will not harm your wood floors in any way.

6. After the residue and dirt is removed, we can apply a Bona Urethane maintenance product. This is not actual Urethane, but a product Bona has developed to re-enforce your existing Urethane giving your floor a new shine. This can be applied in a Gloss as pictured above.

7. We have linked to a Bona Auto Scrubber Video made by Bona for those customers curious as to how the Bona Auto-Scrubber functions. See video below.

We use the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaning System to rid your wood floors of built-up residues and dirt, leaving your floors looking their best. We also offer an optional maintenance urethane treatment after the cleaning that comes in a satin* or gloss to revitalize your wood floor finish.

We use the Bona system exclusively and the machine pictured above is ours. We offer the best hardwood floor cleaning option that will not over-wet your wood floor or cause any damage whatsoever. Most companies who clean wood floors use only a buffer or worse mops and buckets. The Bona system is superior.

We can clean most types of hardwood floors as well as clean most types of laminate floors due to the very low moisture cleaning that is the hallmark of the Bona Auto Scrubber.

*The Bona Autoscrubber may not be able to remove the wax on floors that have had the product "Orange Glow" applied to the floors. Orange Glow is a wax that is extremely difficult to remove, especially on hand-scraped hardwood floors. The Satin finish is by Basic Coatings and is a similar product to Bona's as some customers want a satin instead of a gloss.

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