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Hardwood Floor Cleaning FAQ

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Floor Care Guide

DFW Steam Cleaning Floor Care Guide

The following cleaning instructions are for the job site and factory finished polyurethane wood floors. The following procedures are NOT for wax finished or oil finished wood floors.

“Wood and water don’t mix!” Any spill on your wood floor should be wiped up as soon as possible.

  • Products needed to keep your wood floor clean.
    • A clean towel or white terry rag
    • Mineral spirits
    • A dust mop or Bona Mop
    • Bona Wood Floor spray cleaner, Duraseal Wood Floor Cleaner, or Woodwise Wood Floor Cleaner
      • (These products may be purchased through your wood flooring contractor or floor covering dealer)
    • A broom or vacuum with a soft brush head.
  1. Vacuum or sweep as needed
  2. To clean sneaker scuffs, oil, tar, grease, or gum – clean with mineral spirits on a clean white cloth. Once the soiled area is clean, remove the residue of the mineral spirit with a Wood Floor Cleaner on another clean white cloth.
  3. Clean your wood floor as needed. If it looks like your wood floor needs cleaning follow this technique: Fold a clean towel so that it will fit under your dust mop or a Bona mop. Spray the Wood Floor Cleaner on the bottom of the towel.  Clean no more than (10’ X 10’) 100 square feet of floor. Refold the towel so there is a clean surface. Spray the bottom of the towel with the Wood Floor Cleaner. Repeat this process until the floor is finished.

For these particular types of wood floors, you have to be safety conscious especially if you are not used to cleaning wood floors. Some general  tips to follow to preserve the quality of your floors:

  • Do not drag, pull, or move the furniture as it can cause severe damage to the wood floor. You can however lift the furniture or add rollers when it is necessary to move them.
  • Pets are wonderful when you have them, such amazing little family members to have. But they can be ruthless when they want to be especially when you are off to work. You can trim the nails of your dog and cat to avoid scratches that can affect your wood floor.
  • Always make sure you drain the water from the towel used to clean the floor. Excessive use of water can ultimately damage the wood floor permanently. In addition, it is inevitable that you or one member of the family could be clumsy and spill liquid over the floor. You need to quickly soak up any form of liquid to escape long term damage on your wood floor.
  • As much as it is classy to rock heels, try to avoid wearing them on these wood floors.

That’s it! DO NOT use anything else on your wood floor EVER! Jobsite and factory finished polyurethane wood floors are very durable and may be refinished numerous times if proper care and products are used on everyday maintenance.

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