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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Marble and Granite Cleaning | Polishing

Hard Surface Marble and Granite Countertops & Floors

Hard surface countertops and flooring made from natural sources or non-human-made materials can increase the value of your home significantly. As with most high-end items, post-installation care and maintenance are required. DFW Steam Cleaning are experts in all types of countertop and flooring cleaning, refinishing, and restoration.

Marbles and granite surfaces always have a way to get stained no matter how careful you are with it. These satins are sometimes oil-based or organic and leave your home or office looking like a mess. The different stains need different equipment or products for them. When the wrong products and equipment are used, it will damage your hard surface marble and granite countertops. Some over the counter cleaners and powders would only cause more harm than good to these surfaces. Water, dirt, and sand are immediately cleaned when in contact with your granite countertop and floors or marble countertops. Your marble on the bathroom wall always comes in contact with water, and using a soft cloth to wipe it down does not keep the marble the same way as the first time you had it installed. Soap scum cannot be removed with just a squeegee and needs professionals to do the work. When the situation becomes unavoidable or overlooked, then it's time to contact our professionals at DFW steam cleaning to have the damage fixed for you.

We use the right equipment for the job in a multistep process.  For a more detailed description, see Granite Counter Tops and Floors or Marble Counter Tops and Floors.

1. Marble, Granite Cleaning and Polishing

Our technicians use powders and the proper equipment to polish the shine back into your marble flooring and grout by removing all those micro-scratches and shoe marks that you can usually see on the darker marble floors and countertops in certain light conditions. This kind of cleaning needs a professional and also the use of some selected equipment. When you use a harsh cleaner, you would only leave stains and scratches on the floor, which ruins it. Let us bring the beauty back to your marble and granite surface.  We can do this without damaging your floors.

2. Marble, Granite Honing

We can use a honing process to remove deeper scratches that are visible to the naked eye. In this process, pads made up of diamonds grind the stone to remove those scratches and restore your marble to its original condition, making them the high-gloss shiny floors just like it was new. 

3. Marble, Granite Sealing

Not all sealants can be used on marbles and granite. To keep and protect the beauty of your newly pristine polished marble floors, our technicians can apply a sealer that will help shield your marble floor and grout from scrapes and help keep dirt from penetrating the grout.

Contact us today at DFW steam cleaning and let our professional technicians bring your hard surface and countertops, and floors back to normal.

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