We Clean All Hard Surfaces Such as Stone, Marble, and Even Concrete

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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Hard Surface Cleaning, Wood, Marble, Tile & Concrete

Hard Surface Cleaning

We clean a variety of Hard-Surface Floors and countertops, including marble, granite, and other natural surfaces. Most hard surfaces are durable but yet still need to be cleaned regularly. Natural surfaces like stone, granite, marble, and concrete are all porous and can trap dirt and grease. Even when talking about engineered quartz surfaces like Silestone, Caesarstone, and Icestone may not be as porous but equally, need to be cleaned regularly.

There is no contest to the fact that hardwood floors bring out the best in the overall appeal of a house. The decorum and the soothing ambiance of serenity ooze out of its hard surface making people stare at the magnificence beneath their legs. Asides from this poetic intro, hard surface floors are special as such they need to be treated in that way. Although people regularly scrub them with brushes it could affect the surfaces as it leaves unwanted scratches that dampen your mood and the atmosphere in the room. However, DFW Steam cleaning can help with any form of hard surface cleaning from hardwood to concrete cleaning, let us offer you the very best of quality cleaning services in Dallas.

Travertine Cleaning

As beautiful as travertine floors are, if they are not properly cleaned and maintained, there would be many issues like faulty grout lines, cracks, and overall diminished state of the floor. Although regular mopping can help but incomparable to the professional cleaning which DFW will give to you. Let us help you bring back the spark and illuminate your house with the travertine cleaning solutions.  Travertine as all-natural stone has to be cleaned carefully using the proper pH detergents.  

Granite Cleaning

Our team of experts is skilled in cleaning your granite surfaces, we ensure that the cleaning solutions are safe for your family. No matter what it is right now, we can restore it to its initial glorious state. Contact us today.

Concrete Cleaning

WE can help you with cleaning and maintaining your concrete floors and other surfaces through proper cleaning and, if applicable, sealing as well. We use state-of-the-art equipment to carry out cleaning operations on your concrete to give that unique feel to your environment.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

We will keep your hardwood floors cleaning product residue-free while maintaining its natural glow through our Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaning System. Our technicians clean and maintain your hardwood floors thereby removing the need to spend so much money on renovation. We use the best cleaning and optional coatings and finishes with a rich blend of techniques that restores your hardwood to its original state. We specialize in any hardwood cleaning, contact us today.

  • Wood Floor Cleaning
  • Wood Floor Screen and Recoat
  • Wood Floor Sand, Stain, and Recoat
  • Wood Floor repairs, including transition repairs and Old-new floor matching and blending

Marble Cleaning

The sophistication and elegance of marble floors demand that you have to stay on top of every stain, dirt, and grit that may hinder the shine of your floors. DFW Steam Cleaning seeks to remove any form of stain that could affect the shine of your marble floors. Our non-harsh cleaning methods preserve your marble floors with the use of homemade and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to ensure the durability of the marble floors. Contact us today for your marble floors cleaning and maintenance.  Marble also from time to time needs to be honed or compounded to remove all of the micro-scratches and give it that ballroom shine again.  It's also important to seal marble as well, as it's a soft stone and can absorb spills into its structure.  

Ceramic Tile and Grout Floors

Tile and grout floors are special types of hard surfaces that people normally opt for. This type of surface can be very impossible to clean as dirt, dust, food particles and other substances can stay hidden in grout lines causing your floors to damage without you knowing. The essence of DFW Steam cleaning's service is to remove all forms of dirt from any of their hiding places to preserve your tile and grout floors. Constant mopping is not a lasting solution for tile and grout floors but using our water extraction method we can clear out hidden particles and restore your floors. Contact us today for any tile and grout cleaning.

Ceramic Counter Tops

Countertops get all sorts of food spills and cleaning products put on them and they are difficult to keep clean, especially tiles countertops that have porous grout.  



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