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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Granite Cleaning

Natural Granite Surface Cleaning

Homeowners get excited over using granite for countertops, bathroom vanity tops, kitchen counters, and many other surfaces due to its ability to resist everyday scratch, handle the heat, and its great looks. Keeping these unique pieces of Granite surface materials at their best and maintained requires professional expertise.
The surface of your granite floor or countertop is actually porous and can hold grime, grease, and dirt fairly easily and for awesome cooks in our homes that make every effort to make their countertops look like its first purchase, DFW Steam Cleaning is highly recommended. Our granite solution ensures detailed cleaning for granite countertops because when our countertops are not properly taken care of, it deteriorates and has significant demerits.
When contaminants absorb and penetrate tiny crevices of your granite, it begins to dull and lose its luster. From a sanitation perspective, especially when it is about food preparation surfaces and other granite surfaces in the kitchen, several bacteria can contaminate your food and make you sick.
Exposure to the conditions mentioned above can deteriorate the clear sealant layer, protecting it from stains and spills penetrating the surface of the granite. Also, not just any cleaner will do justice to it and this includes over-the-counter detergent, ammonia, and other chemicals as well as rough "Pan Cleaning Pads". Most of the multi-purpose cleaners sold in stores are extremely harsh for this precious stone and are strongly discouraged.
Most people think that because Granite countertops are a natural stone they can take any type of abrasive chemical to clean its surface. This common misconception is not true for granite or any natural stone for that matter. There are different natural stones Quartz, marble, and granite, etc that require the services of professionals to diagnose each type of natural stone and to provide what cleaning regimen will be needed. Each stone is different. For example, granite is different from marble because granite is made of a mixture of indigenous rock such as potassium and quartz whereas marble is made of mostly calcium. With two stones being so different in composure you wouldn't want to treat them the same way when it comes to caring for them, would you? No, of course not!
DFW Steam Cleaning is here to resolve your granite surface problems and present the best granite surface maintenance services around.
Although there are numerous cleaning companies, only a few of these companies specialize in the commercial and residential cleaning of granite surfaces.
Our years of professional experience, coupled with the wide range of necessary equipment at our disposal, prove beneficial in cleaning granite surfaces no matter how difficult and dirty it is and our ability to produce satisfactory results.
Trust us with cleaning or restoring your kitchen, bathroom, or floors designed with granite and other valuable stones, and you won't be disappointed. To utilize our excellent and reliable services, contact us today to set up an appointment anywhere in the Fort Worth or Dallas area.



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