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Furniture Steam Cleaning

Furniture Steam Cleaning

Furniture steam cleaning is the best way to clean most fabrics with a "W" code on the label. Steam offers heat as well as the rinsing power of water to steam away ground-in soil and stains from your chairs, sofas, love seats, couches, ottomans, chaise lounges, and bed mattresses.

DFW steam cleaning can also steam clean a variety of fabrics including those with an "S" code on the label. The facts are with pets, kids, and guests -  when they sit, spill, or get dirt on your fine furniture,  dry cleaning just isn't going to cut it.

 You have got to have the rinsing power of steam

We successfully use a technique called very low moisture (VLM) to steam clean Fine Fabrics such as linen, cotton, silk, chenille, and velvet.  No matter what the batting is, whether it's foam or feathers, you don't want to use so much water that you get that foam too wet.  This doesn't happen with our very low moisture furniture cleaning.  We use enough hot steam to clean, but not so much that your furniture doesn't dry. 

Microfiber furniture steam cleaning

A lot of times, failing to maintain your couch would either result in its fading away or not lasting longer as expected. With microfibre, you aren’t expected to use much effort to clean which for this reason, makes it quite popular around. Moreover, do not need to see a stain before cleaning as you should carry out routine cleaning of your couch for sustainability.  Sometimes the microfibre might require you to use a detergent-based cleaner to get out the stains. But ideally, it always recommended you steam clean your couch instead as this is more preferable due to the rinsing power of steam.

Contrary to some misinformation put out there by other carpet cleaning companies Microfiber can be steam cleaned with Incredible results. Microfiber does not need to be dry cleaned. What's funny about other companies saying microfiber has to be dry cleaned is the fact that microfiber was made to be in the water, it was made to be wet. When you take your car to the car wash what are those fabric strips on the rollers?  Those are microfiber. When you steam your floor or mop your floor I'm guessing you use a microfiber cleaning pad.

It's a Pity that some companies have to resort to these sorts of shenanigans when they're trying to perform services in your home, but unfortunately, they do. Our job is to honestly and fully inform our clients so our clients know what to expect. The fact is microfiber cleans up fantastically when it is steam cleaned.

DIY Guidelines to Assist you through steam cleaning your furniture

Look for colorfastness:

Basically, color fastness is the ability of the color to refrain from fading. So, if you noticed a stain, the first thing that should be done is to use the microfiber pad affixed to the nozzle by tendering to the less visible area of the furniture. After waiting a while to observe and you noticed has become discolored then, proceed by treating the rest part of the fabric.

Hoover the furniture thoroughly:

To avoid a messier surface, then it is advisable to vacuum any food leftovers, pet hairs, or any loose dust. This is an important guideline to follow if you want to do a proper steam cleaning for your furniture.

Precondition the surface:

In other to dislodge any stain or grit, then it is recommended to use a soil emulsifier, as this would help in preparing the surface for what is about to occur next.

Have the cleaning spotter unit prepared:

Preparing the portable spotter is all part of the process of steam cleaning furniture. By preparing the unit it is expected that before steaming, the water reservoir should be filled up with hot water while having a fabric cleaner in place. Having the right unit which might either be a cloth pad or a stationary brush is very much important.

Allow the furniture to dry:

It is important to let the couch, dry up, especially after steam cleaning the fabric. This all depends on how friendly the weather would be and how humid the steam output was when carried out. To speed up the drying process, it is recommended that the windows should be open to allow ventilation to come in. Also, it is good to use a standing or ceiling fan as this would indeed facilitate the drying process.

Use a professional cleaner like DFW Steam Cleaning if you get into trouble or get water stains on your furniture

Ideally, using a professional furniture cleaner for the once every 18 months furniture cleaning is helpful.  The above DIY is really meant for in-between spot cleaning.  Not for cleaning of the whole furniture piece. 

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