Furniture Steam Cleaning in The DFW Metroplex | Microfiber Steam Cleaning

Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Furniture Steam Cleaning

Furniture Steam Cleaning

Furniture steam cleaning is the best way to clean most fabrics with a "W" code on the label. Steam offers heat as well as the rinsing power of water to steam away ground in soil and stains from your chairs, sofas, love seats, couches, ottomans, chase lounges and bed mattresses.

DFW steam cleaning can also steam clean a variety of fabrics including those with a "S" code on the label. The facts are with pets, kids and guests -  when they sit, spill or get dirt on your fine furniture,  dry cleaning just isn't going to cut it.

 You have got to have the rinsing power of steam.

We successfully use a technique called very low moisture (VLM) to steam clean Fine Fabrics such as linen, cotton, silk, chenille and velvet.

Microfiber steam cleaning

Contrary to some misinformation put out there by other carpet cleaning companies microfiber can be steam cleaned with Incredible results. Microfiber does not need to be dry cleaned. What's funny about other companies saying microfiber has to be dry cleaned is the fact that microfiber was made to be in water, it was made to be wet. When you take your car to the car wash what are those fabric strips on the rollers?  Those are microfiber. When you steam your floor or mop your floor I'm guessing you use a microfiber cleaning pad.

It's a Pity that some companies have to resort to these sorts of shenanigans when they're trying to perform services in your home, but unfortunately they do. Our job is to honestly and fully inform our clients so our clients know what to expect. The fact is microfiber cleans up fantastically when it is steam cleaned.

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