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Almost every home/edifice has tiles beautifully fixed somewhere. It could be in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, or someplace outdoors like a pool. In all these places it's used, its use is not limited to just flooring as it is also used on walls.

There are different types of tiles but ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most common. There are also marble and granite tiles, glass tiles, and vinyl tiles as well.  Hard surface floors are beautiful, but they do require the proper maintenance.  Just like changing the oil in your motorcar every 3,000 miles, tiled surfaces need professional maintenance for that deep cleaning. 
These tiles can be used on floors, countertops, bathroom walls, patios, and many other areas where we want to have that beautiful hard surface look.  Aside from encapsulating creativity in patterns, color, and texture, tile floors are durable, easy to maintain, and long-lasting. To really enjoy the longevity of your tiles, you need to ensure that they are well maintained and cleaned.  We don't consider using any store product that leaves a ton of residue, actual cleaning.  In fact, when we go into homes, the single largest contributor to the dirty grout is the homeowner cleaning their floors, because when you clean, you also have to rinse every soap molecule out or you will leave a residue.  Standard mope and microfiber pads cannot provide the rinsing capability to have a truly clean tile floor. 

If you're wanting to maintain your floor between professional cleanings, we have some tips for you.

Hazy or cloudy film on your tiles, grime, and dirty grouts are all signs that they need more than just a sweep or quick wipe.

There are various basic ways to go about cleaning your tiles on your own. We'll cover a few of them according to their type below: Mind you, our process is different.  Also, never put wax or polish on your hard-surface floors.  It will not bond to ceramic tiles and at some point, it will need to be stripped off, which isn't cheap.  

Ceramic or porcelain tile cleaning

Ceramic tiles are the most common floor tiles and are the easiest to clean because there's a lot they can withstand.
To clean it, start by sweeping or vacuuming the tiles. Then mix a professional low residue tile cleaner (we use stonetech products) with very hot water and dip your mop into it. Squeeze out excess water and run your mop over the floor gently until you've covered the entire floor. Change the soapy water and repeat for a "rinse".  Now you don't want to spread dirty mop water around, so you will need to perform the rinse process and change out your water until you are not getting any dirty water in the rinse bucket.  Or alternatively, you can give us a call.
For tiles that aren't on the floor, use a microfiber towel in place of a mop, and follow the steps. Dry the cleaned surface with a clean cloth.

Natural Stone tile cleaning

This includes marble and granite tiles. You need to carefully clean them and we don't recommend it.  You can only use contractor grade products made specifically for stone.  These are neutral pH cleaners and will not harm the stone.  Acids will etch the stone and can never be used. 
Use a soft-bristled brush to sweep to avoid scratches as they are more prone to scratches than ceramics are. Use a pH-neutral cleaner because these tiles cannot handle the acidity. Acidic substances on the floor will lead to discoloration, acid burns, and etching.  Again, change the rinse water until you don't see any dirty water in the bucket.  Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment with us and it will save you lots of time.  

Vinyl or linoleum tiles

For cleaning vinyl tiles, begin by sweeping or vacuuming. Then, mop using really just water and nothing else. Vinyl floors usually have a wax coating and to get the floors cleaned, they need to be stripped and rewaxed.  Do not scrub it as doing so may create scratches on the surface of the wax that will make the floor finish look worse than just the dirty look.

For linoleum, also start by sweeping or vacuuming. Can use a steam mop with just water, but don't hover in an area or too long or you could have a melting issue. 

You could do some of the basic cleanings on your own using all these methods but getting a proper deep clean this way could be tough especially when you don't have the technical know-how to achieve this.  Mainly the rinsing as not rinsing can make 

Cleaning with the wrong materials and tools will subject your tile and grout to degrading over time. Bleach actually destabilizes the grout structure and has a yellowing effect over time.  Employ the services of professional cleaners like Frisco Tile Cleaning to prevent this.
DFW Steam Cleaning is made up of tile experts. We specialize in tiles and grout cleaning. DFW includes a team of professionals who have the experience and specialized tools needed to take care of your tiles and restore them to their optimal state.

As the most trusted and dependable tile cleaning professionals in Frisco, DFW Steam Cleaning provides exceptional tile cleaning to everyone ranging from our friends to our neighbors. Outstanding tile experts are the cohesive agents that hold together an exceptional tile company.
Hire us today and you won't regret it!

As the most accredited and reliable tile cleaning professionals in Frisco, DFW Steam Cleaning, provides exceptional tile cleaning to our friends and neighbors. Outstanding tile experts are the cohesive agents that hold together an exceptional tile company.

DFW Steam Cleaning ensures sparkling tile and grout after every professional cleaning that we do!

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