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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Carpets Dried Quickly

Fast Dry Carpet Cleaning

If your tired of have carpet cleaners come out and your carpets take too long to dry, give DFW Steam Cleaning a chance to win your business. It does not need to take carpets a long time to dry. We can mitigate that by a couple of steps that most companies simply will not do or they say they do it, but their cleaning technicians do not do it because they are in a hurry. An air mover can be brought into your house and moved from room to room while cleaning to help the carpets dry fast.

Also the technician can "dry stroke" the carpets to also help suck up more moisture. Dry stroking is a technique that after your cleaning pass with the steam, you go over the area again just using the vacuum to get more moisture out than a single pass would do. These are 2 very simple concepts that most companies will not implement because they are in too big of a hurry. DFW Steam Cleaning, while efficient, is never in a hurry. Some companies have brainstormed equipment that they can use to basically provide multiple vacuum passes, but they charge extra for this. We think that extra vacuum passes should be included in the basic price and you should not charge a premium for something that should be done anyway.

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