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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Engineered Wood floors Cleaned - and we don't use buffers and shop vac's like most do

Engineered Wood Floor Cleaning

The Bona Hard Wood Floor Deep Clean System

DFW Steam Cleaning uses professional wood floor cleaning equipment and cleaners from BONA which is the leader in all wood and engineered wood floor cleaning and restoration. We will deep clean your engineered wood floors until all the layers of dirt, grime, wax, and grease have been removed leaving a beautiful wooden floor.

At DFW steam cleaning, we are intentional about giving you top-notch services that your floor will love all the time. Always, we don't settle for anything you didn't order and we don't forget to offer you more with the best team that delivers on time. If you are not just looking for any floor cleaning agency but the best then DFW Steam Cleaning is a great choice as we have a lot to deliver to your every need.

Our awesome Engineered Wood Floor Cleaning
The secret is the amazing wood floor cleaning machine made by Bona.  It offers the most aggressive cleaning, short of sanding.  The bona auto scrubber can get down onto the cracks and remove those snacks from between the boards with ease.  It can remove the years of dirty mop water residue that has crusted on the floor making the white socks that sort of gray color, you know after you have walked across your wood floor for a while.  We can safely remove that ground-in crust and the residue from all of the products you have put on your floors.  

Our Wood Floor Cleaning Equipment for Engineered Hard Wood Floors
You asked for a clean engineered floor, we bring comfort alongside. The beauty of our services is the equipment we use.  Most companies literally, we kid you not, come in with buffers and shop vacs because they don't invest in the proper equipment.  Not us!  The Bona system is by far the best that money can buy. It's like a little Zamboni for your wood floor.  A little dirt mower for your wood floors.  Clean, Dry, and of course no damage unlike a circular motion buffer and shop vac can cause.  Can you say SCRATCHES

DFW steam cleaning is committed to working within your schedule without interfering with any planned activities. 

Our Engineered Wood Floor Clients
We are not in any way limited to leave out some people's cleaning needs here. It's not just residential houses that have opted for the beauty and simplicity of engineered hardwood floors, that is why we offer commercial services to allow other sectors of businesses to enjoy what we offer. We clean schools, medical facilities, office facilities, government stores, and commercial real estate. Our business made a conscious effort to meet these needs in the most excellent ways possible.

Engineered Hard Wood Floor Cleaning Conclusion
So you see, your search for engineering wood cleaning services has finally come to an end with our Engineered Wood Floor cleaning services. Many reviews over the years have testified of our impeccable services from all of our team members.  What then are you waiting for? Schedule our services today and see your engineered wood floor transform to perfection.

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Every service listed here is delivered within the time frame you ordered plus you will be pleased to have great technicians do your cleaning as we have the best in town.

The Bona Auto Scrubber in Action


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