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Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Dust Mite Removal

We Help Control the Dust Mite Allergens in Your Home

Some sources indicate that dust mites are responsible for 25% of all allergies and is one of the main causes of asthma worldwide. Dust mites or also referred to house dust mites or HDM live in mortal habitations and feed on organic detritus such as shed human skin flakes, which can comprise up to 80% of house dust as well as fungi and bacteria.

Dust mites are actually arachnids, related to spiders and are microscopic, eight legged little creatures that are 0.3mm in length, which means that up to 7,000 can fit on one human finger nail. Dust mites are invisible to the naked eye.

Dust mites also live off of water vapor which humans provide by respiration and perspiration which the average person emits up to 1 pint per night. This is why the bedroom is ground zero for dust mites. Found in blankets, sheets, pillows, stuffed animals, curtains and furniture mean the average bedroom can be infested with millions of mites. It is estimated while dust mites can be found throughout the entire home, 60% live in the mattress, due to the food source that we provide them as we sleep.


During the dust mite 10 week lifespan, it dust mite will produce 20-100 fecal pellets per day and lay 100 eggs.  This equates to 200 times its own body weight in poop.  Put another way, if dust mite fecal pellets were golf balls, the average bed would have a pile of pellets 70 feet tall.

Another cause of Dust mite allergens is the digestive enzymes in their stomachs. They contain very strong (proteases) which still persist in their feces and can contribute to allergic reactions such as wheezing as well as an even higher number of partially digested enzyme-covered dust particles that are covered in digestive enzymes. So if the dust mite poop wasn’t bad enough, now their digestive enzymes are slobbered all over dust particles that we are breathing.

During the night, we toss and turn 50-80 times, and this restlessness flings the dust mite feces into the air where is can stay airborne for up to two hours. We then breathe this feces and this in turn can trigger an allergic reaction or asthma attacks. Any movement, whether vacuuming or changing bed sheets can stir up dust mite allergens.

If you have dust mites in your home, cleaning is the number-one thing you can do to help control the population. We were not talking just any cleaning, but anti-allergy steam cleaning with water temperatures above 180 degrees. Carpet, furniture, bed mattresses as well as underneath wooden furniture, can all serve as ideal habitats for dust mites.

We do not use pesticides in our cleaning, but in an infestation, any reputable pest-control company will tell you that a thorough cleaning is the first step followed up by a pesticide treatment by a qualified pest-control company.

We recommend re-applying the carpet protection.  We use 3M Scotchgard and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We are pet stain and odor removal experts and pride ourselves on all of the yellow stains we can remove in most cases. Your carpet will look better and in most cases the odor will be taken care of. Sometimes the odor removal requires some light repairs, but we are happy to give you an estimate.

We offer Residential as well as Commercial Carpet Cleaning services to Medical, Office,     Restaurant, Hotels and Churches.

In addition to cleaning residential and commercial carpet in buildings, offices and homes, we also offer other types of carpet and furniture cleaning as well as window cleaning and     hardwood floor cleaning and polishing.

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