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Wood Floor Cleaning Dallas, TX

DFW Steam Cleaning consecutively ranks at the zenith of wood floor cleaning. Your wood floors become dull and dirty over time.  Many years of dust, dirt, and debris as well as all of the cleaning products that were used and never properly rinsed off, take their toll on the look and feel of you are wood floors.  Dallas hardwood floor cleaning service comprises the best equipment and technique that will safely clean your hardwood floors. 

Hardwood floor cleaning; Dallas' local experts

Our wood floors were once alive, just as you and I; therefore, we must preserve our wood floors, and rely on the wood floor cleaning experts, at DFW Steam Cleaning for all of your wood floor cleaning needs.  Our in-depth wood floor cleaning service includes cleaning, polishing, and polish/wax removal.  It doesn't matter if you have a whole house of Hardwoods or just a couple of rooms, DFW steam cleaning expert wood floor cleaners can assist.  Dallas homes and businesses rely on us to remove deep-set stains, ordinary wear and tear, as well as odors.  We have the best clients and they very frequently write reviews about how happy they are with our services; just read their DFW steam cleaning reviews for yourself.  

DFW steam cleaning Dallas wood floor cleaning services

Upon arrival, we will evaluate your wood floor to make sure that we will prescribe the right process to pull up any stains and ensure the best clean possible. We will try and identify the type of polyurethane finish and any other sealant that has been used on your wood floor, and then we will use the Bona wood floor cleaning system that will use a greenguard wood floor safe detergent as well as agitation from brushes and squeegee suction to clean your wood floor.  The Bona scrubber is the best in class piece of equipment for hardwood floor cleaning ensuring your wood floors are cleaned and cleaned safely.  We don't scratch the floor like most companies that use buffers and shop vacs.  The Bona system is an all-in-one enclosed system meaning the greenguard detergent that the Bona machine deposits on the floor is scrubbed by brushes, mechanically and then squeegee vacuum suctioned back into the machine leaving your floor clean and dry all in one pass. So all of the dirty water is safely extracted into the machine, leaving your floor ready to be used, walked on, or played on immediately.   We don't leave any residue at all, which is something that anyone who uses a shop vac and buffer cannot say. 

Sometimes when cleaning a wood floor that has a large amount of residue from years and years of a homeowner using the wrong products and these products, not ever properly rinsed build up and form a film on your wood floor.  In these instances,  we will have to pre-treat that floor prior to cleaning it with the Bona auto scrubber.  

There are of course many ways to clean wood floors including vinegar and water, a microfiber mop, but instead of getting your Google degree in hardwood floor cleaning why not give DFW Steam Cleaning a call and we will professionally and safely clean your wood floor and your high traffic areas and we will prevent damaging the floor that can come from doing it yourself or using the wrong products.  

In addition to excellent hardwood floor cleaning, are hardwood floor cleaners can also get dirt and soil out of your carpet, and tile with our professional carpet cleaning and tile cleaning services.


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