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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Cubicle Cleaning - Commercial

Office Cubicle Cleaning

We clean office furniture, panels, and cubicles

DFW Steam Cleaning can clean the fabrics in your offices such as carpeting, rugs, runners, upholstery, office panels, fabric partition wallsoffice cubiclesoffice furniture, drapes, and more. Cubicles are used frequently for offices for the general office staff and are most commonly covered with padding and fabric. This office layout is a great way to organize your work area, bring everybody together, but still give each person privacy and convenience. However, just like other fabrics, cubicle walls capture and retain dust particles, chemical pollutants, smoke, and lots of germs.

The Cubicle Cleaning Process

We ask that the night before we have scheduled the cleaning that the office staff remove any papers tacked to the cloth surfaces and store them in a safe place as we will be using steam and water that could drip on paperwork left out. We will cover any electronic equipment if deemed necessary. When we arrive we will prep the working areas and begin with vacuuming, steam cleaning, spot-treatment, de-odorizing, and of course extraction based on the level of service you request.
For office cubicles, we divide them into small, medium, large, and extra-large.  We charge per panel/per side.  As cubicle sizes are so varied, there is not a template of what constitutes the various sizes, rather, the sizes are based upon the relative sizes that make up your cubicle structure.   
Most cubicle fabric is linen or a natural fiber blend.  They get dirty with drinks, hot sauce, chicken wing grease, and all sorts of cupcake frosting and they start to look unsightly.  We pretreat with a detergent that is safe for natural fibers and then we steam rinse and extract.  We can also optionally apply deodorizer and offer EPA registered sanitation services.  

There is a tendency for employees to personalize their space  Our services help to declutter the area of any unnecessary material. A cleared space allows you to think outside the box and become more productive.

How we Clean Office Cubicles

Our equipment and cleaning solutions are suitable for fabrics made of cotton, velvet, velour, leather, and other material types.

First, the walls are vacuumed. Vacuuming removes dust and dirt stuck to the cubicle walls and upholstery. This is very advantageous for people with allergies, the presence of particles such as pollen grains could trigger their symptoms. Vacuuming makes the space breathable.

Stains in the wall are addressed with spot cleaners. It is ideal to test them on discrete areas before applying over the entire surface. The reactions give a cue whether to proceed or not. In our evaluation, this aspect is taken care of. Spot cleaners work efficiently with fabric walls, especially the solvent or water-based types. When the spot cleaning is done, we undertake full-blown cleaning.  Mild detergent made into a sudsy solution worked with gentle-bristled brushes is effective for scrubbing cubicle panels.

Important Steps We Take

  • We scrub the panels in slow, small, and circular motion from top to bottom to touch every fiber of the wall.
  • We wipe the panels clean with towels immediately after washing with suds, before steam drying.
  • Our experts ensure that the whole area, floor, or walls are dried before moving in the pieces of office equipment.

If you are having us perform other duties we will define a work process to get the job done on time, done well, and as economically as possible without sacrificing quality. We provide this service throughout the DFW Metroplex, Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Arlington, and other DFW cities.

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