Couch Cleaning Plano, Arlington, Dallas Forth Worth & Surrounding AreasSome of the couch types we clean in the Dallas Fort Worth area are:

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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Couch Cleaning in Dallas | Fort Worth

Couch Cleaning Dallas | Fort Worth

DFW Steam Cleaning can clean your dirty couches to remove stains, spotting stains, food stains as well as pet and human stains, and odors from your couches. Steam cleaning your sofas can freshen them up so they are as clean as can be before your out of town guests arrive, giving them the impression you want them to have. DFW Steam Cleaning uses very low moisture when cleaning your couch, so dry time is a few hours and also safe for "S" and "X" code materials and fabrics. We clean couches throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex giving them the like-new look, making the most of your couch purchase, and saving you money.  It's cheaper to clean and protect than it is to replace. Not everyone can clean couches properly.  Natural fibers require extra attention as you cannot use the same cleaning agents.  Couches cannot be oversaturated with steam or detergent either.  So you have to take greater care with natural fibers or natural fiber blends than you do with synthetic couch fabrics. 

Over time, upholstery accumulates dirt, allergens, and spots that diminish its appearance and causes wear. When you call on us, we will move in and check the nature of the fiber, defects, colorfastness, and the stains on your couch. After evaluation, we will use friendly cleaners to clean up your couches safely and deeply.

Stains are unattractive while allergens and dirt constitute respiratory problems. Asides from your bed, your couch is your regular slumber spot and its tidiness should be ensured at all times.

Our Couch Cleaning Methods

We offer five key cleaning methods for your couch. All techniques are employed in the bid to prolong its lifespan and make it hygienic for you.

1.   Steam Extraction of Couches

Steam extraction uses high-temperature steam to extract foreign materials and dirt embedded in your couch. What more? Excessive moisture, dirt, and dust are eliminated. With this method, there are reduced chances of fabric shrinkage and your couch is made comfortably dry.

2.   Carbonation cleaning of Couches

Carbonation cleaning takes ample advantage of cleaning to transform your couch to look newly bought. Using a small amount of water, the carbonating bubbles seep through the fibers, removing grime and dirt. They are pushed out to the surface for easy wiping. This process creates a barrier that attempts to lock out the dirt after completion.

3.   Detergent cleaning of Couches

It is common to hear tales about harsh chemicals, but be rest assured, there are safe brands for all types of couch material—even leather. Dry shampoo is used to root out every form of particles and dirt. This method makes your couch dry quickly and ready to use almost immediately.

4.   Foam cleaning of Couches

Applied with hand, the foam solution is allowed to settle in and work. Thereafter, your couch is vacuumed. This method lowers the chances of moisture damage with a moderate application of foam solution. Foam cleaning leaves your couch clean and smelling nice.

5.   Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is quite similar to the foam option, except for using water. A chemical powder is spread all over the fabric to take care of the stains, followed by vacuuming. Dry cleaning is safe for couches made with wood.

Some of the couch types we clean in the Dallas Fort Worth area are:

Microfiber Couch Cleaning
Linen Couches including pH reversing the water stains from spot cleaning
Cotton Couch Cleaning
UltraSuede Couch Cleaning
Velvet Couch Cleaning
Chenille Couch Cleaning
Polyester Couch Cleaning
Sunbrella Couch Cleaning
Performance Linen Couch Cleaning
Silk Couch Cleaning
Haitian Cotton Couch Cleaning
Wool Couch Cleaning
Rayon Couch Cleaning

Couch Fabric Protection

Whether a new purchase or we cleaned it up great, protecting the couch fabric is important so that stains and spills don't come into contact with the fabric strand.  Fabric protection helps surround the molecular fibers with a protectant that can help to repel stains and keep them from penetrating the fibers causing a permanent stain.  

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