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Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

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Concrete micro-topping Service - Dallas, TX

If you are looking for an opportunity to change concrete floors without changing the surfaces, then you should be thinking of concrete micro toppings. Creating a unique space on your concrete floors

Concrete micro-topping transforms your old concrete or adds decoration to your newly poured concrete. Our concrete micro toppings service can apply micro toppings to your new or old concrete for a slip-resistant and/or decorative finish. Micro toppings can be made in a variety of colors, allowing you to customize your design. Micro toppings are great to use where an acid stain is desired, but the surface is too damaged. 

Concrete micro toppings are highly durable. Our technicians are highly skilled in the proper application, providing a long-lasting finish. Micro toppings are made up of natural ingredients like polymer and a special cement mixture that our professionals blend manually. It is applied in 5 coats which is 3mm thick. The application of concrete micro-topping is done with precision, skill, and experience. This is why we are ready to take the load off your hands literally. Our technicians isolate the micro-topping to give you a proper finish that can last a long time. We allow micro-topping to be free from traffic for at least a week so that all the pores will close and be sealed properly.

For people who like a bit of color dexterity, DFW Steam Cleaning has got you covered. We can help you change the color scheme of the concrete micro-topping that was earlier applied. Our technicians will only sand the surface and repeat the process but only this time, it will be in a different color. An amazing feature of concrete micro-topping is its toughness against yellowing. People opt for this type of beautification process because of its durability.

As a creative brand, DFW Steam Cleaning can help bring your imagination to life. As long as it is a concrete micro-topping we can explore as many options as you want. As long as the surface you want to apply micro-topping is flat and smooth then we can bring what is in your mind to life. We are not just looking to change the scenery but add some form of sophistication to amplify the ambiance in your home or workspace. 

Furthermore, we can help clean the micro-topping on your floors. No matter how durable micro-topping is, it will get to a time there would be some dimness in its shine. You don't have to worry, our technicians can also help to bring life to a dull concrete floor.  We will steam clean your concrete micro-topping in order to increase its lifespan.

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