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Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

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Concrete Micro Finishing

Wood, carpets, and every other surface are all great, but there is just something special and modern about a concrete floor. As a matter of fact, a large percentage of the modern American homes prefer fixing a concrete floor in their homes, and research have also shown that a large percentage of people who makes use of other surfaces would prefer the concrete surface to any other surface were they to ever consider making a change.

As good as a concrete surface is, you still can’t deny the fact that what makes a concrete surface so great lies in the way it has been fixed and micro-finished by the handyman in charge of putting it in place. You probably would have seen some concrete surfaces that you really didn’t fancy, while you have seen a lot of others that you have come to fall in love with. What do you think is responsible for this? The answer is simple – the expertise of the crew in charge of your micro finish.

To get the best micro concrete finishes for your homes, restaurants, and offices, the best choice you could make, especially if you are around the Dallas Fort Worth area is to contact DFW Steam Cleaning. We have the best team in place to help you in setting the perfect concrete surface that you and any other person would certainly fall in love with. We have the perfect knowledge regarding all forms of concrete finishes, including edging, salt finish, troweling, concrete stain, broom finish, stamped concrete, exposed aggregate finish, and pigments. Regardless of the type of micro finishing you need for your concrete surfaces, we would be willing to provide it for you at a very favorable price.

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