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Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Concrete Floor Cleaning

We Clean Concrete Flooring and Counter Tops

Concrete Floors and Counter Tops are Becoming More Common in Homes Today

Your driveway is made of concrete. Why would you want that stuff in your home as a finished surface?

Concrete when poured with the right mixture and techniques are not the same product as your driveway or sidewalk. A concrete countertop that is professionally poured is smooth and level. When ground down to a final finish, stained concrete can take on a beautiful finish that is solid and strong.

Concrete countertops have become the best option when thinking about furnishing the kitchen or bathroom. It is so because you can have different designs embedded in the concrete like glass that gives the kitchen a meeting an improved look. Concrete countertops if properly done do not usually look like kitchen slabs that some people really do not except you want to go for an industrial look - which is fine too. However, with the right application by a professional company, we can help your concrete countertops look like natural stone surfaces that glistens any time.

Another reason for the general preference for concrete countertops is their durability. What is better than having a fanciful concrete floor that lasts for a long time? Although, maintaining the concrete countertops is a key factor in prolonging its lifespan. Hence, the need for a professional cleaning service. At DFW we can help you maintain your concrete countertops no matter how long they have been installed. Our cleaning solutions are in no way harmful but they are strong enough to make the surfaces shine as they did the first time of installation.

Concrete countertops add more aesthetic value to your home. Consequently, after DFW cleans and effectively maintains the concrete countertops in your home, there is a new spark that comes with them. There is no denying that the whole ambiance of your kitchen, bathroom, and any other area you wish to put them, becomes more alive.

Furthermore, concrete countertops are heat resistant hence they are the best fit for the kitchen. Besides from giving your kitchen a homely and unique feel, concrete countertops resist the pressure of heat from your cooking. Let us help you clean and maintain your concrete countertops for durability in the kitchen. We wouldn't have any sad tale as a result of porous or weak surfaces.

The unfortunate thing about concrete is that it is very porous and can stain. So it is important to clean and seal it regularly. DFW Steam Cleaning can steam clean concrete floors and countertops to keep them clean and stain free.

In addition, we can apply a professional-grade concrete sealant to the concrete surfaces in your home so they remain beautiful for many years to come. This will also help to keep the dirt, pests, and other pollutants that can dent the image of the concrete countertops in your home. Our solutions make for a long-lasting impression on families and people who come visit your home. Who wouldn't want people complimenting them on their stunning decor and choice of designs?


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