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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Ceramic Countertops and floor cleaning service

Ceramic Tile and Grout Counter Tops & Floors 

If you just got your tiles or ceramic surface installed or repaired, we are here to provide you with a decent cleaning. These surfaces do not require rough cleaning because the tiles can easily get broken or damaged. There are specific products needed to clean the dirt and soil trapped in the grout from your flooring and also your ceramic countertops.  Don't worry because our professional team has you covered. A hurried wipe of your countertop with a kitchen towel isn't hygienic enough, neither is trying to mop your stained grout between your tiles. We have the required equipment for this, to safely get your floors and countertop tiles and grout as clean is it can get without any damage. 

Our services run from cleaning your kitchen floor, bathroom floor, countertops, the front,  or rear walkway. We would give it a squeaky clean look and leave an obvious difference from what your regular home cleaning liquids can do. Countertops are none porous and liquid can't get into it but it doesn't stop it from looking dirty when acidic ingredients are spilled on it. Everyone deserves a shiny ceramic countertop and not a greasy one. Your ceramic countertop deserves that porcelain sparkly glow and that is exactly what our professional services give to you, our team is made up of client-friendly people.  We treat your home, office space and properties like it's ours, the flooring of your building would be spotless for a long while after we do the cleaning, with proper maintenance, of course, and we will give you some tips to make what we do last.  Hard surface floors are tough and durable and if not maintained properly, can be damaged, bleach used on sanded grout will destabilize and also cause yellowing, for example.  We are also concerned with you spending less money, if we clean your flooring, you wouldn't have to worry about it for a long time. It is always good to use a professional touch like ours to clean your hard surface tile floors and countertops.  Not only will your floor be in DFW Steam CLeaning's good hands, but you will also have time for other things when you don't have to use your precious time using the wrong solutions and then doing a poor job cleaning your tiles because you don't have the proper equipment or experience. 

Did you know that sunlight, soap, water, and chemicals in some products can damage both your ceramic countertops, your kitchen floor, bathroom floor, and walkway? With a professional crew like ours, this would be no headache for you. We have you totally covered. You can fill out the form below for urgent assistance and there is always someone with a ready answer and explanation for your ceramic countertops and flooring. We are totally one call away! Trust our services today and let's give your home/office that porcelain glow.

Whether it's kitchen floors, bathroom floors, countertops, or front or rear walkways, we can clean it all. It will look great and after it's clean we can protect it with a very high-quality grout sealer.

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