Carpet Stretching Removes Wrinkles From Loose Carpeting

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Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Carpet Stretching and Wrinkle Removal

Carpet Stretching

When you start to notice that ripples or wrinkles begin to show up in your carpeting, it's time to get your carpeting stretched. Carpets relax over time and they actually get larger in surface area and then need to be stretched and tacked back down. It's important to have a properly stretched carpet so it does not rip or tear when you move furniture over it or even more importantly so you don't trip off a carpet bulge or wrinkle.

Why carpet needs to be stretched

You trample on your carpet while walking in and out of your space. It is not a misdemeanor, but your carpet will begin to pull away from the trackings used to fasten it down to the floor. At times, the seams between the carpet strips may come undone or the tacking strips could give way. The carpeting could slack over a long period. A stretched carpet improves the outlook of your space. Muddled up carpets create tripping points that are dangerous and compromise your safety.

Signs that your carpet needs to be stretched

Although usually so glaring, the signs are noticeable quicker by trained eyes. The appearance of wrinkles, ripples, and lumps indicates that your carpet needs a professional touch. Disruptions at the carpet's tucked ends and pulling at the edges need to be addressed likewise. A professional can easily smoothen your carpet and inspect the seams for damages.


Importance of stretching

If your carpet is old, you will need to take caution not to rip it apart. One that is in good shape is easier to fix. Your carpet poses safety hazards when it skews into an awkward form. You could trip, and the resultant injuries are only imaginable. Other disadvantages of ruffled carpets are snagging, uneven wearing, and decreased life span. Carpet stretching alleviates these possibilities.


The carpet stretching process

Do you think your carpet needs stretching? Ring the professionals. They will evaluate the necessity or benefits of stretching your carpet. They will also choose the best methods to fix it. Loose carpets will need fresh tacking strips installed. A knee kicker or power kicker stretches the carpet and hooks it onto the new strips. Sometimes, excess carpet is trimmed as well.

These professionals are available at DFW. Carpet stretching looks simple, but you cannot tackle it alone. It requires strength and energy. With the right tools, we will fix your carpet in less time and produce outstanding results. Let us help you with smoothening your carpet.

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