Treating Carpet Spots That Keep Coming Back

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Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Carpet Spots that Keep Coming Back

Carpet Spots That Keep Coming Back

Wicking Stains

Carpets are all nice and rosy until a stubborn stain finds its way into the fibers. These stains could result from spilling over wine, coffee, fruit juice, or any liquid at all. Sometimes, they could even be caused by food smudged against the surface of the carpet. These kinds of stains are quite difficult to remove even with multiple scrubs and they could longer there for a long time.

It can be really frustrating to clean spots with spot remover or the rental machine from your local home improvement store only to think you have got it knocked out and then to return in a few days. Without removing the substance causing the spot from deep down in the carpet pile the carpet fibers will continue to wick re-creating the spot. Even if the source has dried completely deep in the carpet backing or padding the first time that area gets moist spots can come back by wicking their way back to the surface.

Another reason the spot may come back is that after cleaning the spot away a sticky residue is left in the area that traps dirt to create a new spot. The only way to resolve the problem of recurring spots is to emulsify and extract the coffee, coke, wine, or whatever was spilled from the carpet padding, carpet backing, the pile, and the fibers completely.

DFW Steam Cleaning uses high-quality cleaning equipment that injects the steam deep into your carpet pile which reaches the padding and sub-flooring which emulsifies the stain-causing containment. We then use a high capacity truck-mounted vacuum hose to pull out the offending substance and water leaving your carpet in a like-new state. We let the area dry and as an option, we can apply Scotchgard to protect your carpet from future spills.

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